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Nic Cage rocks an awesome beard in first image from Joe

The first question to be asked whenever Nic Cage announces a new movie, is “What kind of hair will he be rocking?” However, the star has cranked it up a notch for upcoming thriller Joe , by appearing with a full-on beard.

The first image has been released from David Gordon Green’s Texan saga, and Cage is looking grittier than ever with a neat and tidy haircut but a luxuriantly bushy beard.

Cage will play a grizzled ex-convict attempting to go straight in backwoods Texas, working in a lumber-yard by day and drinking himself into a stupor by night.

The arrival of a 15-year-old boy into his life gives him a chance to atone for past sins as he attempts to help the youngster support his ailing family. But the path to redemption never does run smooth…

Adapted from the novel by Larry Brown, and co-starring Tye Sheridan ( The Tree Of Life ) and Sue Rock ( Texas Chainsaw 3D ), Joe will open in the UK later this year, with a release date yet to be confirmed.

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