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Next week: it's the Week of Hate on GR!

So in celebration of this integral piece of gaming culture, GamesRadar presents The Week of Hate. Starting on Monday 24th March and running through Sunday 30th, we'll have the best of the very nastiest features and videos covering everything, everyone hates about their favorite hobby.

We've got five videos that try and capture everything fanboys hate about Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC and finally on Friday 28th, (gulp) GamesRadar. If you can name the most references in each platform video there are four games of your choice up for grabs.

We've got hateful gamer stereotypes, why Japanese RPGs suck, the worst innovations in gaming, 37 reasons to hate Halo and loads more. Oh and keep your eyes out for our world exclusive interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, often called the most hated woman in America. We've got her 'questionable' viewpoint on the current state of gaming coming up on Thursday 27th. It ain't pretty.

Come back on Monday 24th for day one of the detest-a-thon.

And of course, feel free to hate us for it.

Mar 19, 2008