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Need for Speed leaves the city

There's hardly a rim left to tweak in the Need for Speed universe, so perhaps that's why the series is once again wandering into the wilderness in search of new thrills. EA's newly announced Need for Speed Carbon slams you onto perilous canyon roads that twist and turn through dusty, gusty outdoor settings, but don't worry, you'll still be managing a pimped-out runnin' crew.

You'll begin in the city, racing for domination block by block - until there's a score to be settled, at least. Then, it's off to Carbon Canyon to put your metal where your mouth is. Customization options are, once again, through the roof, allowing you to affect your cars, crew and turf.

Need for Speed Carbon is coming out for every system that will exists on a retail shelf this fall, including PlayStation 3 and Wii. For now, just hit the movies tab to see the vague-as-hell trailer, from which we can determine two things: there will be cars, and they will be racing.

June 23, 2006