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NBA 2K8 review

Shh! Don't tell anyone how to play this game - let 'em figure it out on their own!


  • Simply gorgeous
  • Scads of modes
  • Superb online options


  • Useless manual
  • Touchy shot stick
  • No more 24/7

Oct 9, 2007

We get it - no one reads video game manuals anymore. This is evident more than ever these days, as the packaged-in booklets have shrunk from veritable tomes into barely-there pamphlets. However, sports titles are - or should be - the exception in this phenomenon. After all, modern sim games have a dizzying array of options for each button and trigger, and no matter who you are, an occasional glance at the controller map is always needed. Nowhere is this more frustratingly apparent than in NBA 2K8.

Evidently, there are scads of kick-ass control options available, from devastating Isomotion moves to alley-oops and lots in between. Trouble is, there's no mention anywhere of how to pull these off, so chances are you'll get really ticked off at your lack of scoring ability before you ever stumble across them. Lord knows we did, thanks to the ever-so-sensitive Shot Stick that returns to challenge veterans and infuriate newbies. We lost count of the scads of missed layups and open jumpers we had when trying to use the Stick. Thankfully, a button-press shooting option still exists, because we've just about had it having rallies choked by botched shoulda-been-gimmes.

More Info

DescriptionNBA 2K8's got the best on-court basketball experience on the PS2 this year. That's enough for us to declare it the champ.
PlatformPS2, PS3, Xbox 360
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date2 October 2007 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)