Nascar Racing 2003 Season Cheats

Nascar Racing 2003 Season Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Jaime

    How to make more exciting racing in Nascar Racing 2003 Season

    First, right click on the windows start menu button and click on Explore.
    Then look for the word Papyrus and double click on it.
    Double click on Nascar Racing 2003 Season.
    Then look for tracks and double click on it.
    Choose the track you want. (Best to only use on Daytona and Talladega) Double click on the track name.
    Look for the track Configuration Settings file. Double click on the file, it should open in notepad. If not, open with notepad.
    Scroll down to where it says [ ai track ]
    In that section, a few lines down, look for: ai_bunching_distance =(somenumber)
    After the = you can change it to whatever number you want to. The smallest number you can put in is 0.5, Like I said it works best with fast tracks like Talladega and Daytona. If you use 0.5 the cars will not be 2 by 2 at the start but all over the track like 4 or 5 wide!
    To make the race itself more exciting the next line down should say: ai_drafting_distance =(some number) Again you could change it to whatever you want it to be after the = Make it 0.5, and if you only do it for oval/super speed ways you have one hell of a race.
    When your done, close the notepad and, save the changes.
    NOTE: Take it easy on race day. A crash WILL happen! (The big one.) Their be bump drafting and the ai cars will give it their all. But have fun and email me if you have any questions and if you want more info on changing the pace speed or even changing pit road speed limit!

  • PC | Submitted by joe

    No Restrictor at Talladega

    Go in to the tracks folder select Talladega and track conig settings , scroll down and change the chassis type from 1 to 2. i also tried it at Daytona but it didn't work. top speed at dega was 213,cars really dance around a lot too. hope it works for ya