Nanosaur Cheats

Nanosaur Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Shaun

    Full jet fuel

    To get full jet fuel press F5+F12

  • PC | Submitted by Shaun

    How to get all the eggs

    To get all the eggs press F4+F12

  • PC | Submitted by Shaun

    Full Health

    To get full health you press F1+F12

  • PC | Submitted by riley lamontagne

    Get Shield

    Press F4 + F2

  • PC | Submitted by josh anderson

    Unlimited Anything

    To get everything in Nanosaur, you can do either of the following:
    Hold F12 + f1-f5
    I will report each f-whatever code in next cheat space-
    You can jump on the triceratops back and hitch a ride til' you can't see the floor no more, and you will have 999 of all weapons, max jetfuel, max health, and have a shield!
    Note: you can also do this by double flipping off the top of a mountain.