Mortal Kombat Armageddon - hands-on

Yes, abandon those vast memorized lists - well, not entirely. Punches and kicks are mapped to the remote’s directional pad, so if you remember how to unleash those brand-name robotic-looking Kombat combos, you’ll do the advanced dance. To completely utilize the assault weapon your remote has now become, touch the button A to fling your foe. Defense and movement are Nunchuck programmed, as your big button buddy Z does block, petite cute C launches jump, and the stick of course shimmies you around.

Further Wii-osity arises in Motor Kombat mode, a mature-rated Mario Kart with Mortal cutesies zooming around cartoon-city,crunching each other into gore puddles with their signature specials. Here you tilt the ‘mote to carve through turns and shake it to thud your rivals. Konquest mode, a 3D Double Dragon brawler diversion, is also somewhat remote-simplified, as simple spasms in an up, down, right or left fashion execute all fanciness.