Monday News Link-A-Mania

Downloadable Matter
Orbit Books has made an unabridged version of Iain M Banks's new novel, Matter, available for prerelease on iTunes, at a hefty, for-rabid-fans-only price of £21.95. The book itself comes out on 7 February.

Wolfman's New Director
Variety reports that Joe Johnston has been appointed as the new director of the Universal horror remake Wolfman, replacing Mark Romanek who left over an alleged budget dispute. Johnston, an ex-FX guy, previously directed Jurassic Park III and Jumanji.

Ferrell and Friel get Lost
Anna Freil has been signed up as the female lead opposite Will Ferrel in the big screen remake of cult US show Land of the Lost, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The show, which is a bit of a legend in the US but virtually unknown in the UK, was the mastermind of the same people behind freaky '70s kids show Puffnstuff, Sid and Marty Krofft, who are producers on this new version from Universal. It’s the tale of a palaeontologist who finds himself stranded in a prehistoric world (the original was like an Irwin Allen production – a cross between Land of the Giants and The Lost World).