Monday Link-A-Mania

Two Hobbits or Not Two Hobbits?
Director Guillermo del Toro has cast some doubt on whether he will be shooting two Hobbit movies, as previously reported. In an article on SCI FI Wire he’s reported as saying, “We believe there is a second movie. If there isn't, there will not be. If we find it, we will shoot it, but by God, if we do not find it, we will not shoot it. I am anxious to shoot the book, and I'm willing and able to dedicate myself to shooting [the second film]. It is too early right now to say."

300 Sequel
Variety reports that a sequel to 300 is in development. Frank Miller is providing the script for Zack Snyder to once again direct, although, says article, "Snyder won't officially commit until after he sees Miller's take." Quite how you do sequel to a film in which virtually the entire cast was killed off is anybody’s guess.

Lost Star Goes Up in Smoke
Matthew Fox (Jack in Lost) is set to star in Billy Smoke, an adaptation of an Oni Press comic book for Warner Brothers. The story, reports Variety concerns an elite hit man who's nearly killed during a botched job and realizes that his only way to find redemption is to rid the world of all assassins. Hollywood seems to be having a bit of a love-in with Oni Press at the moment, with Universal developing no less than four of the company’s titles, including Scott Pilgrim which Simon Pegg’s old filmmaking buddy, Edgar Wright, is scheduled to direct.

Bonham-Carter Considers Salvation
Helena ("can I wear a bustle in this?") Bonham-Carter is considering a "small but pivotal" role in Terminator Salvation, according to The Hollywood Reporter . And, blimey, it’s not set to be directed by her boyfriend!

Heroes Girl Goes Virtual
Clea DuVall, who was criminally underused as telepathic Matt’s non-superpowered FBI partner in the first series of Heroes, has been cast in the pilot for Fox’s US TV pilot, Virtuality (that’s the spaceship show that’s like a long holodeck episode of Voyager). She will play the co-pilot and engineer of the Phaeton, the central ship on the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter .