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Monday Link-A-Mania

* Latino Review has a clip of one of the deleted scenes from the Watchmen movie, which will appear among the extras on the DVD and BluRay release later this month. It shows the death of Hollis Mason, the original Nite Owl.

* Brett (X-Men: The Last Stand director) Ratner is returning to the superhero, as one of the producer’s bringing a certain mild mannered janitor and "number one super guy" to the big screen. Yes, ’80s toon hero Hong Kong Phooey is scheduled for a live action, big screen makeover, according to Variety . Which may have you fearing another Scooby-Doo debacle, but there is one silver lining – it’s being written by one of the producers of The Family Guy, David Goodman.

* First-time director Isaac Meisenheimer (whose previous most high profile genre job, as far as we can tell, is appearing in the 2008 Day Of The Dead remake as "Fire Zombie") is to write and call the shots on Gatekeeper, a comedy zombie flick intended to be “a film in the vein of 'Shaun of the Dead' for American audiences” reports Variety .

* Paramount is clearly hoping the the GI Joe film is going to be success. The company has announced that it is going to produce a film based on another action figure toy – Max Steel, reports Coming Soon . Steel is “a 19-year-old extreme sports junkie recruited by a secret agency after an accident infects his body with nanobots, making him superhuman,” produced by Mattel.