Monday Link-A-Mania

The Strike is Over
The 14-week writers' strike is over… well, bar a few formalities, according to Variety . Showrunners should be back in their offices today, says the article. SFX will keep you posted on which, if any, SF and fantasy shows will be returning to our screens for the remainder of this season.

Juno Who's Starring in Raimi’s Next Movie?
Ellen page, star the critically acclaimed teen comedy Juno, will star in Drag Me To Hell, Sam (Spider-Man) Raimi’s next film as director. Sci Fi Wire reports that the film is, “a morality tale about the unwitting recipient of a supernatural curse."

Roman Bell
Kristen Bell, of Veronica Mars and Heroes season two fame, will be the female lead in When In Rome, a fantasy-ringed comedy from director Mark Steven (Ghost Rider) Johnson, according to Sci Fi Wire . Bell plays a successful businesswoman who's not so successful in love, but finds herself overrun with would-be partners after taking some coins from a magic fountain in Rome.

Jaws and seaQuest actor Roy Scheider, dies at 75
Variety is among the many sites reporting the death of Roy Scheider who had been ill for some time. He was best known from his lead roles in the first two Jaws films, but his SF work included seaQuest DSV and 2010.

Pic from Heath Ledger's Final Movie
Coming Soon has a hi-res pic from Heath Ledger’s final movie, the Terry Gilliam-directed The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

Lovegrove on his next novel
James Lovegrove talks about his next novel, The Age of Ra, to UK SF Book News . "It's a fantasy-flavoured imagining of how the world might have turned out if (a) gods are real and (b) one of the pantheons decided to turf out all the others and claim the entire Earth for itself," he says.