Monday Link-A-Mania

Will Smith Goes Into Business With Sci Fi
Will Smith’s production company, Overlook Entertainment, is the make a pilot for Sci Fi called Unfinished Business. According to The Hollywood Reporter the show is a police procedural/SF hybrid about a cop who receives messages from the recently dead. AS if we need another one of those shows. The network plans to air "Business" as a two-hour movie that will also serve as a potential series pilot.

Animal Magic
Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is prepping a big screen version of Mike Bullock’s comicbook Lions, Tigers and Bears, reports Variety . It will be a live action movie tons of CGI to recreate the tale of a bunch of stuffed animals that come alive at night. Toy Story meets Shoebox Zoo, then.

Grunberg Promises Heroes Will Be Back
Greg Grunberg (Matt) claims on his Twitter that Heroes "WILL be back for season 4" (his capitalisation).