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Monday Link-A-Mania

Dushku on Dollhouse
Sci Fi Wire has posted a new interview with Dollhouse sat Eliza Dushku: “There's been pressure since the day we announced it, and there's been naysayers since the day we announced it, and, at this point I just can't wait for the show to get on the air and for people to see it. Regardless of the hype and what people are saying, why don't people see it, and then they can decide what they feel? But I feel confident, because it's on the page, recorded on the stage, and it's working. And we're having a great time. Each episode is more and more intricate, and the story's unfolding.”

Is Heroes Pushing Daisies?
According to Entertainment Weekly ex-Pushing Daisies showrunner Bryan Fuller is finding jobs for his old cast on Heroes, the fortunes of which everyone’s hoping he'll turn around. Apparently, he’s written an episode due to air in April, which has a role especially, created for Swoosie Kurtz, who was Lily Charles in the now-defunct show. Apparently the role has recurring character potential.

Meanwhile, Heroes producer Mark Verheiden has told Comic Book Resources that some internet criticism does sting: “ was reading somewhere where someone suggested that, 'well they must not care about the show.' [laughs] Critique it all you want. You can have all the issues you want, but in terms of caring I'm telling you we care about the show. Not just the writers, not just the producers, the cast, the enormous crew, everyone. It's a little absurd ... You don't stay in the office until midnight and work seven days a week and all this stuff because you're just knocking it out ... everybody who's there is killing themselves to make the best show possible. You can't fault us for lack of trying."

Demons Down
The second episode of Demons lost almost one million viewers . After debuting with 5.75 million viewers, it fell to 4.83 million viewers this past Saturday. Now, to be fair, most shows lose viewers after their publicity-fuelled opening nights, but when your opening night figures aren't exactly stellar, you don’t want to see falls like that.