Monday Link-A-Mania

Good News for Ghost Whisperer and Medium
While most other US telefantasty seems to be faltering, fictional psychics seems to be safe from the ratings gloom. NBC has ordered another six episodes of Medium, reports EZTV , bringing the show’s fifth season (which hasn’t even begun airing yet) to 19 episodes (season four had 16 episodes). Meanwhile, a certain major plot development has see Ghost Whisperer’s audience grow to a season high of 11.6 million, which is well above the average it was getting last year.

Bond Continues Box Office Domination
Quantum of Solace has had the biggest opening weekend of any Bond film ever in North America, raking in $70.4 million, reports Variety . Bond’s previous best had been Die Another Day with $47.1, and even taking into account inflation, that’s a hefty improvement. Solace opened 75% higher than its immediate predecessor Casino Royale. Outside of North America it’s still the number one movie as well (adding another $56.1 million in the past weekend) and has so far grossed over $322 million worldwide. There’s life in the old franchise yet.

Champions Gets a Scripter
According to Variety Valkyrie scriptwriter Christopher McQuarrie has been signed to perform the writing duties on the big screen update of ’60s cult TV show The Champions. Guillermo del Toro is attached to produce, but not direct.

Our Special Guest Star Tonight is… Pinocchio!
And speaking of Tel Toro, the busiest man in the film world has apparently linked up with the Henson company to develop a dark, CGI version of Pinocchio, reports Variety . Del Toro’s working on the screenplay with Gris Grimly, who illustrated a 2002 version of Pinocchio. Grimly and Adam Parrish King will co-direct the film.

Smallville Pair take on Robotech
Former Smallville Showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough have been signed by Warner Brothers to script a big screen adaptation of anime classic Robotech, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Lawrence (The Empire Strikes Back) had previously had a go at the script. Gough and Millar also contributed to the scripts for Spider-Man 2 and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Which one would you rather have on your CV?

From Two Face to Battle
The Dark Knight’s Harvey Dent, Aaron Eckhart, is to star in Columbia‘s Battle: Los Angeles, reports The Hollywood Reporter . Eckhart will play the platoon leader in the alien invasion film, which has yet to set a start date.

New Trek Trailer Escapes Onto the Net
Although the official launch of this trailer isn’t supposed to happen until 5pm today (UK time), some bootlegs have found their way onto the net: