Monday Link-A-Mania

JJ Abrams and his X-Wing-like ship, The Shield, The Flash , Falling Skies , Guardians Of The Galaxy and loads more... NEWS!

• JJ Abrams is using the fuss around Star Wars: Episode VII to raise awareness of his UNICEF charity project Force For Good. And in the process, revealed a cool craft from his movie that has set the internet debating - is it an evolved X-Wing? A Z95 Headhunter? Something closer to Ralph McQuarrie's original sketches? You decide:

That's definitely a mouse droid though. Star Wars: Episode VII is released on 16 December 2015.

• Archie Comics' superhero brand and its characters are getting a reboot in 2015. Dark Circle Comics will feature The Fox, The Black Hood and The Shield . Writers include top authors like Alias ' Michael Gaydos, novelists Adam Christopher and Chuck Wendig.

• The CW is planning a two-hour crossover for The Flash and Arrow . Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg confirmed that “episodes eight of both shows, Arrow and Flash , are going to be a two-hour crossover event." The Flash premieres on The CW on Tuesday 7 October while season three of Arrow kicks off on Wednesday 8 October.

Falling Skies has been renewed for a fifth and final season .

Guardians Of The Galaxy may feature at least one unexpected cameo . Beware, hilarious spoilers!

• If you're excited about Guardians Of The Galaxy , get into the comics with Comic Heroes issue 24 , now on sale. There's an SFX special edition dedicated to horror on sale tomorrow and a new issue of SFX itself, issue 251 with a major Doctor Who exclusive, on sale on Wednesday. Enjoy!