MLB Power Pros review

This surprisingly deep baseball game has legs, even if its players don't

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Yes, your favorite pros are included and with a surprising amount of detail for player models that look like little more than LEGO people. Dontrelle Willis has his high-kick delivery. Gary Sheffield has his wrists-of-fury batting stance. Jason Giambi slowly points his bat to right field and stares down the pitcher. Batters will look back in dismay at the umpire after a questionable strike call. Konami does a fine job with the MLB license in terms of both players and the inclusion of each big league ballpark.

For what looks like such a little game, Power Pros is very deep. Along with your standard exhibition and home run derby modes, the game also features an excellent season mode. You'll jump in as your favorite team's GM and immediately start making decisions critical to team success (like moving Barry Zito to the bullpen). There's a lot to do here, too much for the average eight year old, so your kindly secretary will walk you through everything, even explaining what the initials MLB actually stand for.

After the season mode, you have Success, a creative story mode that lets you create a player and guide him through college to a pro contract. At first, you will only control your player during his at bats or pitching appearances. As you work your way up to team captain in season two, you control the final two innings against your archrival. To up the pressure, big league scouts are in attendance and you need to get their attention. Like most college players though, baseball is the easy part. Our created player had to deal with a disapproving father, had an affair with a cute mathematician, joined a fraternity, borrowed money from the mafia, delivered pizza to make ends meet, and barely passed his midterms. And that was just freshman year.

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DescriptionIs this the Konami game with baseball players with the big heads? Yes, it is.
US censor rating"Everyone","Everyone"
UK censor rating"3+","3+"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)