MGS 5's Rocket Fist goes Skynet in this chilling video

One of the many upgrades you can unlock in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain is a remote-controlled, rocket-powered cyborg fist. Kind of like the Nikita missile launcher from the original Metal Gear Solid, you can put Snake's flying fist to work for all sorts of practical applications like attacking enemies from around corners… or you can turn it right around and punch your own lights out.

Unlike Batman, who smugly catches any remote-controlled Batarangs you send sailing back to him in the Arkham series, Big Boss just takes his robo-fist on the chin. Considering how jam-packed with little details and physical comedy The Phantom Pain is (to be fair, real-life Fulton recovery extractions were pretty ridiculous to begin with), I'm not sure why I ever expected anything else.

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