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Metro: Last Light Artyom's hidden diary pages locations guide and walkthrough

Chapters 11-20 [Pages 18-30] 

Chapter 11: Regina [1/1]

Page 18: When you reach the train car that you need to push with Regina, you will come to a green lit doorway on the right side after a bit. Enter the doorway and follow the water filled corridor around to the right where you will find a body against the wall with the page.

Chapter 12: Bandits [1/2]

Page 19: Once you free the tied up soldier and he moves the train car for you, enter the first room on the right after where he was and there will be a small hallway with a washroom on the right side. The page will be on the ground in there.

Chapter 12: Bandits [2/2]

Page 20: When you enter the bandit’s base at the spike trap, go through the room behind the kitchen and then make a left to find a dead body in a chair. The page will be on the desk behind it.

Chapter 13: Dark Water [1/1]

Page 21: As soon as the chapter starts and you are on the boat, turn around and the page will be at the front of the boat.

Chapter 14: Venice [1/2]

Page 22: Once you are walking around Venice, go up the large set of stairs to talk to the man who met you at the docks and he will ask you to stay in Venice. You can find the page on the box to the left.

Chapter 14: Venice [2/2]

Page 23: When you enter the brothel, go down the stairs and the page will be sitting on top of the spider terrarium right at the bottom where the two girls are.

Chapter 15: Sundown [1/1]

Page 24: Inside the gas station, you can find this page directly across from where the gas tanks you need to pick up are located. Look on the bar where the ammo and other goodies are.

Chapter 16: Nightfall [1/1]

Page 25: When you hop off the ferry, go to the building directly ahead of you by entering the second floor via the ramp on the right side. Go around the wall to the left, as you watch for the traps there, and open the door. Inside will be the page on the floor.

Chapter 17: Contagion [1/1]

Page 26: After you need to wear your mask and you enter the large rooms on the left side, you will eventually come to a part where you need to go to the second floor to get over a gate. Just before you jump down to get behind the gate, the page will be in the second room from the end.

Chapter 18: Quarantine [1/2]

Page 27: Entering the transition area where the doctor and the colonel are talking for a long time and you need to sit and wait for the door on the right to open. When it does, go through and the page will be on the desk on the right side.

Chapter 18: Quarantine [2/2]

Page 28: When you reach the masked Khan who has you follow him, go to the right when he wants you to follow the left and you’ll find the page on a table there.

Chapter 19: Khan [1/1]

Page 29: When you are following Khan, pass through the 3 fans that he stops and continue on for a few steps. Khan will hop down a ledge, but before you go down, go to the room on the right and the page will be on the ground in front of a body.

Chapter 20: The Chase [1/1]

Page 30: When you jump over to the train, move forward until you enter the first car. There will be a body to the right side and the page will be there.

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