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Metro: Last Light Artyom's hidden diary pages locations guide and walkthrough

Chapters 1-10 [Pages 1-17] 

Chapter 1: Sparta [1/1]

Page 1: This page can be found just after you leave the meeting with Miller where you meet Anna. The page will be on a chair to the right just before going through the door labelled C3.

Chapter 2: Ashes [1/1]

Page 2: After you ride the monorail and reach the ladder in the tunnel with Anna, instead of climbing, continue past it and use your lighter to burn the spider webs. At the end of the passage on the left, will be the page on the ground.

Chapter 3: Pavel [1/1]

Page 3: As soon as you drop down from the pipe that you crawl through and pull the throwing knives out of the dead body, go directly across from it to find the page sitting on the crate there.

Chapter 4: Reich [1/1]

Page 4: As soon as this chapter starts, simply walk forward and the page will be on the desk directly ahead of you.

Chapter 5: Separation [1/2]

Page 5: When you arrive at the guard outpost near the start of the chapter, go to the upper level and on the console in the first room will be the page by the window.

Chapter 5: Separation [2/2]

Page 6: After you pass through the guard outpost and go through the green door on the upper level, you will come to a guard in his bunk who will surrender. Look to the left on his desk to find the page there.

Chapter 6: Facility [1/1]

Page 7: when you reach the red lit room at the far end on the water generator room, look in the room to the left side and on a desk there will be the page.

Chapter 7: Torchlight [1/2]

Page 8: When you climb on top of the subway car and you pull Pavel up, immediately look to the right on the ground to see the page there.

Chapter 7: Torchlight [2/2]

Page 9: When you are needed to go and follow the wire to the electrical panel to open the door near the end of the catacombs, there will be a set of three large cabinets on the right side once you venture through the spider webs a little. Directly across from the cabinets to the left will be a small alcove with a skeleton that is holding the page.

Chapter 8: Echoes [1/2]

Page 10: As soon as you start this chapter, look on the bar to the left and the page will be on top of it.

Chapter 8: Echoes [2/2]

Page 11: When you are inside the downed airliner, on your way to the far right side, go through the doorway and look for the skeleton on the ground to the left there that will have the page.

Chapter 9: Bolshoi [1/2]

Page 12: At the start of the chapter, when you first enter the station, look to the left side of the shelving that has the luggage on it. The page will be right there.

Chapter 9: Bolshoi [2/2]

Page 13: When you are going to enter the theatre, go to the left side just before the theatre entrance and you can find the page on the bench.

Chapter 10: Revolution [1/4]

Page 14: Near the start of the chapter, after going down the stairs, you can find this sitting on a desk.

Chapter 10: Revolution [2/4]

Page 15: Once you clear out the first large area, go through the large door on the right by pulling the lever and continue on. Once you reach the next room, the page will be on a shelf with a red curtain and a bunch of envelopes, near the centre.

Chapter 10: Revolution [3/4]

Page 16: When you enter the room where the gas is loose, kill the enemies in the room (or sneak) and then climb the ladder to the left side of the room to reach the catwalk above. Enter the room in the centre where the lever is that you need to pull to stop the turbine, and find the page on the table there.

Chapter 10: Revolution [4/4]

Page 17: After you climb through the turbine in the gas filled room, go to the right and climb down the ladder there. Across from the ladder to the right is a desk and the page will be on it.

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