Meet the PC Gamer team

PC Gamer is:

Who? Ross Atherton

What? Editor/Editron

How did I get here? I joined PC Gamer almost ten years ago, starting as Junior Second Assistant Wordsmith/Teaboy back in the days when Quake II was state-of-the-art and all this were fields. I had a stint on sister magazine PC Format, came back to good old PCG and eventually worked my way up to Editor by bloodily assassinating all who stood in my way.

Loves... Fine wine, goblins, hearing the lamentations of my fallen enemies.

Hates... Whining, dogs, whining dogs, enclosed spaces.

Now playing: Team Fortress 2, World in Conflict, GTA IV, Filler (Kongregate).

Who? Tim Edwards

What?Deputy Editron, Master of hugs

How did I get here?I was freelancing for PC Gamer while at university, reviewing games and visiting developers while learning about the intricate mating rituals of bees. When I left, I bummed around for a few months until a job opened up on PC Gamer. I've been here for five years now, bullying the rest of the mag with relentless enthusiasm.

Loves... Manly embraces, cats, home-grown vegetables.

Hates... Deadlines, slugs.

Now playing: World of Warcraft, Team Fortress 2.

Who? Daniel Vincent

What? Art Editor

How did I get here? After spending most of my life on graphic design courses around the country. I ended up as a young whipper snapper on Official PlayStation magazine and then became a Deputy Art Editor on PSM2 (now called PSM3). After working my way around Future on different titles, I made my debut as PC Gamer Art Editor about two year's ago and have been here ever since.

Loves... Heavy Metal, Tea, Football, Art, Martial Art Films.

Hates... Bullet for my Valentine, Spies and Snipers, buses, old people on buses talking very loudly non stop. Black tops going grey.

Now playing: World of Warcraft, Neverwinter Nights 2, Team Fortress 2.

Who? Tony Ellis

What? Production Editor, Cat Herder

How did I get here? I joined Future Publishing back in the early Cretaceous Period, as Disc Editor on the long-gone magazine PC Attack. Apparently an MA in New Literatures in English was precisely the right qualification for coding disc interfaces. After years hopping from magazine to magazine as they sank into the quagmire of posterity, and a carefree stint as a freelance games journalist, I washed up on the shores of PC Gamer. Here I insert apostrophes, remove semicolons and delete pretension for a living. Takes a lot more time than you might think.

Loves... Cats, Futurama, Ken Campbell, The Magnetic Fields

Hates... Mobile phone users, chavs, you and your badly brought up children

Now playing: Oblivion

Who? Graham Smith

What? Disc Editor

How did I get here? I spent years writing terrible words for free on terrible websites, before deciding I should try to get paid for doing the same thing. All it took was dropping out of university twice, the second time to work for PC Gamer. It's almost three years later and I'm still here, and probably best known for looming, being young and sleeping with virtual prostitutes.

Loves: Giant explosions, giant sandwiches, American television he obtains through totally legal methods.

Hates: Writing bios, unskippable company logos, the office drinks machine, you, your mum

Who? Craig Pearson

What? News Editor

How did I get here? My mummy met my daddy and they made a special hug that brought me on a stork. Then 21 years later I had the option of going full-time on an Edinburgh news agency that had me as word experience, or working at Future. Tired of being threatened (it’s the Scottish way) I chose the gaming route and I’m still here. My first real job? Writer on Official PlayStation Magazine.

Loves... Futurama, whiny singers, electronic music, House MD, sci-fi, indie games.

Hates... The fact that neither of my parents are Australian, Visa restrictions, not being Australian.

Now playing: Team Fortress 2 and GTA IV.

Who? Tom Francis

What? Section Editor, Writer, Master of Stealth

How did I get here? A Maths and Philosophy degree, logically. I cunningly disguised myself as a Disc Editor four years ago, then inveigled my way into the writing team.

Loves... ragdoll physics, Sauvignon Blanc, Architecture in Helsinki, Rolo desserts, Firefly, not being a Spy.

Hates... Spies in all their forms, stealth, subterfuge.

Now playing: Team Fortress 2, Galactic Civilizations II: Twilight of the Arnor, Mass Effect, GTA IV on filthy consoles.