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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 7: A Hangover Sent Direct From Mother Nature (6 parts, 9 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 7

Clue 1: Ex-Cop

After you’re disarmed, continue on and eventually you’ll notice a window to your left with the sign labeled “Anjos Do Morro.” Approach it to engage in conversation with the same ex-cop from chapter 2.

Clue 2: Photo of Serrano

After speaking to Da Silva, clear the room of enemies, then return to the couch on which you were previously sitting. There is a photo there to investigate.

Sawn-off: part 1

In this same room as clue 2, look for an open door just to the left of a wall painting of a stripper. There’s a part inside this restroom.

Clue 3: Tourist

Leave the main room and go down the hall. Enter the last room on the right before the pink double doors to find a man under a bed.

Clue 4: Lower Gang Spray Tag

After a long battle through the slums, you’ll finally reach a blue door with a padlock on it. To the left of this door is some graffiti. Examine it for a clue.

part 2

Immediately after exiting the small room containing the scoped weapon underneath the window, turn left to find a gun part on the ground.

: part 1

After you’ve made your way from the ground floor of the warehouse to the second level on the other side, check behind some barrels before going through the doorway to find a part on the ground.

: part 2

After the cutscene where Max mentions that the thugs seem to be getting tougher, run forward and to the right to check behind the low stack of wooden pallets.

Clue 5: Middle Gang Spray Tag

From the previous gun part, run around to the front side of this small shack and inspect the graffiti of three men.

: part 3

After climbing several sets of stairs, you’ll spot a hooded figure in a white mask launching a flare into the air. It’s at this point that you need to drop down through the crumbled section to your right instead of the one on your left.

Clue 6: Shrine to Claudio

Proceed on from where you found the above gun part and you’ll notice a giant memorial to Claudio on the side of a building. It’s hard to miss this one.

Clue 7: Flyer for Giovanna

This is on the ground just to the right of a graffiti-covered door leading inside.

Clue 8: Bag of Oxidado

After clearing out the massive drug den, check this table for a clue.

Clue 9: Upper Gang Spray Tag

Immediately after the scene in which Max blows up the drug den, you’ll be facing this tag. Examine it for a clue.

: part 3

You’ll eventually be involved in a firefight involving Molotov cocktails. After the first area is safe, instead of proceeding up the short staircase, check the left side of it for the chapter’s final gun part.