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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 6: A Dame, a Dork, and a Drunk (3 parts, 5 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 6

Clue 1: Rodrigo’s Email

After the chapter’s first gunfight and the resulting short cutscene, turn around and check the office with the three paintings on the wall. Check the laptop for a clue.

Clue 2: File on Fabiana

While still in Victor’s office, check his desk for another clue.

MD-97L: part 1

From Victor’s office, turn and enter the other very similar office just across the way. If you look on the floor behind the L-desk you’ll find a part.

Clue 3: Architectural Models

Just after the second firefight, turn around and check out the model building with the helicopter on top.

part 2

Just after the conversation between Max and Rodrigo, turn Max around. There’s a gun part just behind him near the waterfall, one which you may have seen before the cutscene.

Clue 4: School Picture

Soon after the conversation between Max and Rodrigo, you’ll be running down a long hallway. Look on the right wall just after you pass the bathroom to find a series of photos.

: part 3

After the massive gunfight in the main lobby, turn around and look for the glass-encased building model. Next to the model is a part, so break the glass and grab it up.

Clue 5: Dead IT Guy

Just after the disarm tutorial, walk forward and investigate the corpse of your friend for a clue.