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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 14: One Card Left to Play (6 parts, 1 clue)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 14

Grenade Launcher: part 1

You begin the chapter riding in on a luggage conveyor belt. Follow this belt around to where it ends to find a part.

Grenade Launcher: part 2

From ground level, head through the central room and up the stairs to the catwalks. Proceed until you’re in another small room, then head through the red double doors to your right to find another part.

Grenade Launcher:
part 3

As you walk down the office’s narrow hallway, you’ll notice doors on your right and left. The left door is locked; the right door leads into the restroom. Inside the shower stall you’ll find a part.

Clue 1: Ex-Cop

In the same restroom look for the stall next to the showers and approach its door to trigger a cinematic. Anders will not be here if you haven’t found his previous locations.

: part 1

The departure lounge is a long area full of enemies. When it’s safe, stick to the right side and run all the way to the other end. Behind gate 17’s counter you’ll find a part.

: part 2

Head up the escalators to the balconies above the departure lounge. Backtrack to the point that overlooks where you first entered the lounge to find a gun part.

: part 3

After the cinematic leap from one train car to another, kill the three thugs, then turn around and run to the end of the train. It’s here that you’ll find the game’s final collectible.