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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 13: A Fat Bald Dude With a Bad Temper (9 parts, 7 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 13

MPK: part 1

After the short cutscene involving the prisoners and the cops, continue forward to the end of the hall. Turn left and grab the part from the cell door.

part 1

After you grab the MPK part, continue down the hall and around the corner. Enter the shower room on your right to find another part on the ground.

Clue 1: Tourist

Navigating the rest of the cell block can be confusing, so you should kill all the enemies and reach the exit but don’t leave. Instead, turn around, go down the hall, turn right, then right again. At the end of this hall you’ll notice the tourist inside one of the cells. Talk to him for a clue.

Clue 2: Prison Log

Upon entering the security booth, walk just past the switch and investigate the laptop for a clue.

: part 2

As soon as you enter the parking garage (after blowing up the APC), look for the dumpster on the left wall. The part is just behind this dumpster.

G6 Commando
: part 1

After you climb some stairs and go back outside, you’ll notice two guards with their backs turned to you. Take them out first if you want, then turn around and look for a short wall at the other end of the alley. Behind that wall is a part.

: part 2

Once inside the gym, look for the men’s locker room (there are two entrances). Inside on the floor you’ll find a part.

G6 Commando
: part 2

Leave the gym and enter the kitchen. This part is behind the checkout counter.

Clue 3: Promissory Note

Exit the kitchen and enter the room labeled “Administracao,” located just across from the café entrance. Look for a note inside this office on one of the desks.

: part 3

Once you enter the atrium, check out the room on your left for a gun part.

G6 Commando
: part 3

After you collect the third part of the MPK, check out the office on the opposite end of the atrium. On the floor there will be a part.

Clue 4: Political Folder

After clearing out the fifth floor, head back to where you initially took cover, for reference. Check the second office on the right. There on a desk you’ll find an open file.

Clue 5: E-File on Da Silva

Again, from where you originally took cover on the fifth floor look for the police logo on the far wall. Check the laptop in the office to the left of that logo for another clue.

Clue 6: Slide Show

Once in the briefing room walk over to the podium and start the slide show. Flip through every single slide and the clue will ‘unlock.’

Clue 7: Flak Vest

This clue/vest is hanging very close to the security door release button. It’s hard to miss.

: part 3

As soon as you enter the firing range, you’ll take cover behind a tall stack of sandbags. Clear the room of enemies and then check behind this stack for the chapter’s last part.