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Max Payne 3 golden gun parts and clues guide

Chapter 9: Here I Was Again, Half Way Down the World (6 parts, 3 clues)

Above: All collectibles from chapter 9

Clue 1: Dead Gang Members

After you climb some stairs and head inside for the first time in this chapter, you’ll notice a dead body right in front of you. Examine it for a clue.

DE .50: part 1

Just after your first fight with the cops, get to ground level and check in front of the white door pictured above to find a part.

Clue 2: Dead UFE Members

Soon after that first fight with the cops, you’ll be strolling down an alleyway when a civilian gets shot. Round the corner and kill the two cops. Afterwards, check the non-civilian body behind the two newly dead cops for a clue.

part 1

You’ll eventually enter an apartment to find a scared woman inside. Check her bathroom’s floor for a gun part.

: part 2

After the helicopter segment, you’ll fall through a roof. Continue on down three short flights of steps — after the third, turn left to find this gun part on the ground.

Clue 3: Dead Residents

Just after collecting the above gun part, you’ll come upon three cops who end up killing a civilian. Kill the cops, and then check the civilian’s body for a clue.

DE .50
: part 2

After the cutscene in which Max watches some cops moving a group of civilians, check the tall grass near some tires for another gun part.

: part 3

From where you found the previous part, continue on. Once you step onto the concrete and see the flight of stairs in front of you, turn left. Follow this path to a gate. On the ground to the left of that gate is a gun part.

DE .50: part 3

You’ll eventually reach a part where two cops are walking across a narrow walkway, unaware of your presence. Kill them and the other cops that appear, then run across the walkway and through the gate you see in front of you. Turn right to find a part. If you’ve dropped off the ledge, you’ve gone too far.