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Mass Effect 3 weapons and armor guide


Umbra Visor: As soon as you step of the shuttle, move forward to the ammo boxes at the center of the courtyard. The visor is on the ground next to the ammo.

M-98 Widow Sniper Rifle: At the feet of the Asari sniper team.


Ariake Technologies Greaves: You can find these at ground level once the mission begins. Clear the area of enemies, then look for this concrete column, which serves as support for one of the massive dishes. The greaves are on the ground behind it.


Rosenkov Materials Shoulder Guards: After draining the water, you will enter the secret facility. Just before passing through the second door, look for these shoulder guards to the left. If you don’t have this by the time you reach the ladder, turn back.

M-12 Locust SMG: On one of the desks in Lab 01. You’ll enter this area just after the cutscene in which Shepard has to fix a console.

M-99 Saber Assault Rifle: In the room where you fight three brutes and a banshee, investigate this holographic control panel. Press B/circle to manually override the pods. Now go back to the pod inside which this weapon rests. You can now retract the glass and grab the rifle.


M-37 Falcon Assault Rifle: After you launch the fighter into the hangar doors, look on the ground near the site of destruction for this weapon.

Serrice Council Greaves: Immediately after watching the first set of the Illusive Man’s video logs, turn around.

Delumcore Overlay: Soon after you watch the second set of the Illusive Man’s video logs, you’ll see this blue-tinted hole to your left. Instead of jumping down to proceed, head past it and into the room on the right. Inside, behind some crates, you’ll find this overlay.