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Mass Effect 3 weapons and armor guide


Capacitor Helmet: This is easy to miss. Look for the numbers and the dumpster in the image above. The helmet is on the ground to the right of the dumpster.


Death Mask: Once you’re on the ground for the second time during this mission, look to your right. There’s a krogan working on a truck wheel; the mask is on the ground to his left.

Graal Spike Thrower Shotgun: From where you found the Death Mask, turn around and find this shotgun next to a krogan who’s leaning against the railing.

M-5 Phalanx: Once your objective becomes reaching the hammers and your marker starts pointing you to the shroud, you’ll have to clear an open area of enemies then climb up a set of stairs that takes a 90 degree turn to the left. This gun is on the ground at the top of the stairs. It’s hard to miss.


Recon Hood: On your way to the executor’s office, check the left side of this room under the screen for the recon hood.

M-76 Revenant Assault Rifle: To the left of the screen under which you found the recon hood is a door leading to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, next to the sink, is this weapon.

M-358 Talon Heavy Pistol: In the room to the right of the malfunctioning door, there’s a console you can use that’s labeled ‘door control.’ Activate it, then go back to the locked office on the other side of the room. Inside that office is the Talon.

M-25 Hornet SMG: On the ground in front of the malfunctioning door.

Securitel Helmet: In the last room on the left, just left of the M-25 Hornet SMG.


Kassa Fabrication Greaves: After the initial fight, you’ll be inside the facility. Enter the infirmary and immediately turn right to find these greaves on a crate.

M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol: Soon after meeting up with Jacob and the scientists, you’ll have to climb a ladder on your way to the roof. At the top of the ladder, look for this heavy pistol along the left wall.

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