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Mass Effect 3 weapons and armor guide


M-300 Claymore Shotgun: As soon as the mission begins, enter the capsule and grab this shotgun from the cot inside.

Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard: As you move through the tunnels, look for this small waterfall located just beyond one of the gestation pod groups. Check the ground nearby for the shoulder guards.


Armax Arsenal Gauntlets: If you assume the control console is at the northern part of the area, then go to the northwest corner. You’ll find these on the ground there.


M-9 Tempest SMG: Just after leaping over a gap you’ll be in front of a downed escape pod. The SMG is on the ground next to two dead turians.

Phaeston Assault Rifle: Not long after your first fight with the harvester, you’ll come across a dead turian. He’s hard to miss, and the Phaeston lies next to him.

Hahne-Kedar Chestplate: Soon after your second fight with the harvester, your team will lead you to a small drop-off. Drop down and continue forward, hopping over the short barrier. There, on the left, you’ll find this armor.


M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle: After the intense opening fight, you’ll head up a narrow slope at the far end of the battlefield. This weapon is against the left wall of that sloping corridor.

Rosenkov Materials Gauntlets: Just after finding the Incisor, you’ll be involved in a firefight in a long, corridor-like section. After the area is clear, stick to the right and go to the far wall to find these on the ground.