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Mass Effect 3 planet scanning guide - war assets, artifacts, intel and credits


Argos Rho

Hydra: Haptic Optics Array war asset on Canrum, 270 fuel

Phoenix: Fossilized Kakliosaur on Intai’sei, 450 fuel, Turian Spec Ops Team war asset on Pinnacle Station

Gorgon: Advanced Power Relays war asset on Camaron

Silean Nebula

Kypladon: Dr. Jelize war asset on Hanalei

The following systems are part of the Silean Nebula, but may not be available until after the Rannoch quests :

Loropi: Armali Sniper Unit war asset on Yasilium, 300 fuel

Nahuala: 200 fuel, Serrice Guard war asset on Hyetiana

Phontes: Elcor Flotilla war asset on Oltan, Code of the Ancients artifact on Dekuuna, 175 fuel

Teyolia: Rings of Alune artifact on Nevos, 10,000 credits on Quirezia, 375 fuel


Valhallan Threshold

Raheel-Leyya: 95 fuel

Paz: Prothean Data Drives artifact on Garvug, 160 fuel

Micah: Emergency Fuel Pods war asset on Elohi, 340 fuel, Element Zero Converter war asset on Farlas

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