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  • DS | Submitted by Some dude who has too much time on his hands

    Tips for Dark Bowser

    Top of Peach's Castle

    This is it, the final battle! Dark Bowser is definitely a tough one, so here's a few hints!
    1. When he throws a giant boulder up into the air and shoots it with a fireball, flaming rocks will come falling down above Bowser. They fall in 3 columns: Left, right, and middle. For those in the middle, just use Shell Defense to bounce 'em off. When one falls in the right column, however, punch it in order to launch it into Dark Bowser's mouth. When you do, Dark Bowser's attack, Dark Flame, gets cut off and ends up hurting him instead.
    2. When put in a cage of dark energy, you have to punch! Fast! I mean it! While Bowser is punching repeatedly, Dark Bowser is charging up a massive attack. You have to punch the lock off of your cage before that attack hits you! Just keep punching, and it falls after about 13 or 14 punches.
    3. When Dark Bowser charges up his punch, as soon as he stops charging, you punch too! When your fists collide, Dark Bowser'll jump in the air and try to hit you from above. Here's a combo opportunity! Use Shell Defense to block his fall, then punch him as he lands!
    4. After causing a lot of damage, you finally knock Dark Bowser out! But the Dark Star isn't defeated so easily! Fawful uses his power to revive and even grow Dark Bowser! When he's huge, Dark Bowser is immune to punches. When he gets that big, he'll launch a barrage of Dark Bowser Minions at you and knock you far back. Bowser will begin stomping back, but Dark Bowser's minions will be coming at you! If they come on the ground or close to it, just punch 'em. If they're higher up (or if there's a Thwomp above you) just duck. Remember, once you've cleared his minions, Dark Bowser himself will drop out of the sky! Just duck his first one, then duck his second attack. Back to the battle!
    5. Once it's your turn when Dark Bowser is huge, use your Flame Attack on him! Caught off-guard, Fawful will fall out of his mouth. Use the Vacuum Block to suck Fawful in, where Mario and Luigi are waiting!
    6. In order to make the Dark Star vulnerable, you need to take out Fawful's three legs. To do that, you have to take out his glasses so he can't see what you're doing. The best way to do that is to use Special Attacks! My favorite is the Magic Window attack, because those that can keep up can cause massive damage in one go! Once his glasses are broken, go for his legs! When they collapse, the Dark Star is vulnerable to attack.
    7. Getting the Dark Star with special attacks is also a very good idea, since normal attacks aren't very effective. After awhile, the Dark Star pulls Fawful back into Dark Bowser. Just keep up Bowser's attacks at this point, and then suck him back in! Keep it up, and soon, the Dark Star will fall!
    8. Don't think the Dark Star falling ends the battle! Bowser's ready for some SERIOUS payback! Once the Dark Star is beaten by Mario and Luigi, Bowser starts his punches! Of course, you will be throwing those punches! Keep up your power, and Bowser ends with one hard, heavy, VERY satisfying haymaker! Congrats! You won!

Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story Hints

  • DS | Submitted by joejoe

    How to get broggy bonker

    All around the island

    When bowser gets to his first time in Dimble Wood, he will be called by Monsieur Broque and tell you something about "blitties". Then he will show you your credit in catching blitties. This is not just for fun, because when Bowser finds them all, he gets the broggy bonker attack.

  • DS | Submitted by joejoe

    3 secret special attacks

    plack beach, bowser castle, peachs castle

    Plack beach: When you get to the part with the two pillars that look like cheep cheeps, go right and jump with Mario and Luigi onto an area and you will find a house. Enter that house and you will find an old koopa.Talk to him and he will give you a puzzle to do. once you completed it, you get the spin pipe attack.

    Bowser castle: When you just enter Bowser castle from the front, go right and you will be in a room. (be sure you have the drill move, and the air hole)then go north and you will find a blue pipe in that area. Use the drill power to go under the bars and go in the blue pipe. Then you will see an air hole. Use it to jump up to the next room. In that room you will see 3 pillars with 3 different shapes and a door with a button. You must hammer the buttons on the shape pillar in this order;square 2x, circle 1x, triangle 3x, then the door. In the next room you push the red button that unfreezes the shroobs and then you must attack them. Once they are defeated, you get the magic window attack.

    peachs castle:when you enter peachs castle, you will see 3 blue paratroopas flying off to the right. go in the same room as them and go downward until you find a somewhat hidden staircase. climb it and you will be on the castle supplier. go to the room on the right and go north. get the blue shell block and get the 2 ? blocks with coins and then hit the puzzlepiece block and get 7 pieces. then the 3 paratroopas will appear. you talk to them and then you must pay them 300 coins to tell you where the last three are. then they show you, and once you get them, you earn the falling star attack.

  • DS | Submitted by joejoe

    Fast level up


    When Bowser reaches the room with Fawful gaining the dark power, and after Midbus is beaten, it will turn into an ice cube providing ice for the airway. It freezes the water so the platform on top wont sink, and you level up fighting the enemies there.

  • DS | Submitted by joejoe

    How to Beat the Final Boss

    Top of Peach's Castle

    Once you've been through the whole game, there will be a walkway leading straight to the final boss (controlling bowser). When the battle starts, you fight Dark Bowser until he drops and fawful inside his body heals him and makes him huge. at that point, use the flame attack and burn him and then he will cough up dark Fawful. Then use vacuum to take dark Fawful into Bowser's body. When Mario and Luigi take him on, Fawful becomes huge. In order to defeat him, you must destroy his appendages. Don't attack it because he has 3 and he will lift up the one you are attacking. So first attack the glasses until they are cracked so Fawful won't know you are attacking his appendages, then destroy them and he will fall. Next you must battle his dark star core.use a special attack that involves height.(attacks like green shell will not affect) and keep doing this until it is defeated, or it goes out of Bowser's body and into Dark Bowser's body, then keep repeating this and it will be defeated.