Manhunt 2

The first kill - a security guard, dispatched with a syringe to the neck - is only messy because Daniel, nauseated by what he%26rsquo;s just done, vomits up his lunch. As you roam through the hospital%26rsquo;s nightmarish interior, though, Leo%26rsquo;s sinister whispers guide you into more terrible acts of brutality. As with the original Manhunt, violence is conducted covertly from the shadows. A map shows the location of roaming enemies, the shade dictating their level of alertness - yellow means they%26rsquo;re not aware of your presence, while deep red means they%26rsquo;ve heard or seen you.

Often you%26rsquo;re massively outnumbered. So to off an enemy, first you%26rsquo;ll need a weapon - anything from a plastic bag or shard of glass to a circular saw or axe should do the trick. Then it%26rsquo;s a matter of artful sneaking, distracting an enemy with a tossed brick or bottle, or tapping the wall and hiding in the shadows (although aficionados of the former Manhunt beware - now it%26rsquo;s not just a matter of standing stock-still in the gloom; sometimes you%26rsquo;ll have to complete some nimble button presses to avoid being spotted by an enemy gazing right in your direction).