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Magic: the gathering Battlegrounds Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Casey

    Arena Tips

    Ok, I know arena battles can be tough at time, but i have a few hints that may help out. If you are like me and going for the dark person, stock up on mana and when you are cornered use vicious hungry to regain health. if you can, use unsummon for every monster. then just wait until your mana balls are full, then unload as many air monsters as you can. this will leave the opponent with maybe 1 monster to defend him and only his life points to hit. BUT DO NOT USE AIR WITH 1 HEALTH! the comp will just hit them and it will have been a big waist.
    try to master this skill (or try to make up your own like this) and you will surely be able to beat arena.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Spaniard Gabriel


    There are many simple tips to help you in the game.
    -First- In quest mode you will find that you will have to fight another duelist (normal duel) all you have too do is take a little damage and send 1 mana creatures for protection then when you have lots of mana send a whole bunch of creatures all at once.
    -Second- It is worth it to keep taping the Y button for mana.
    -Third- When you fight the blue omni opponent you will see that he will counter spell all your angel creatures, all you have to do is send an angel as soon as you hear him send out a spell. You have to press the button to send the angel down as soon as you hear him cast a spell.
    -Fourth-When you make a two color deck and use it be careful because mana is different. Every mana crystal you get will be of a different color. Example. If you are using a green and red deck a green mana crystal will pop out of the ground and then the second crystal will be for red mana. A two color deck is a hard deck to use, beware.

Magic: the gathering Battlegrounds Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    New Duelst

    Complete Arcade mode

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kit Vail

    Final Bosses

    This really isn't a code but on the final bosses, if you create a dark character and just use the spells to drain their health from both them and their creatures. It gives you life and kills them quicker. You should first cast a liability and then save your mana to cast another. You should use infest and vicious hunger to drain life and destroy creatures. You should also have dark banishing and soul feast to use as well.

  • Xbox | Submitted by metalfoot21


    Successfully complete quest mode with a preset duelist