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Madden NFL 07 review

Only minigame load times keep this from being a handheld classic


  • Running with Reggie Bush
  • It's silky smooth
  • PS2 linkup for franchise


  • Minigame loading
  • No Reggie in minigames
  • No Superstar mode

Last year, Madden on PSP was jerkier than Terrell Owens. It chugged and stammered like Warren Sapp. But that's all in the past. While the slowdown made last season's game a frustrating affair, 07 glides along smoother than the Bucs running back Cadillac Williams.

Of course, load times are always a factor in PSP games, but you'll go from Main Menu to coinflip in under 35 seconds. When you consider that each game lasts a full four quarters (and around 40 minutes if you're playing 5 minute quarters), that's beyond reasonable. For the minimal cost of only 9 minutes you'll have loaded up an entire regular season!

Madden's minigames are ideal for the PSP. You can dominate Rushing Attack while on a short subway ride, or topple Precision Passing on a long commute. But in direct opposition to the main game's speedyload times,the minigame loads will definitely test your patience. It takes around 30 seconds to get into any minigame, which is lengthy, but it gets worse if you're starting off a franchise.

There are 19 minigames in the franchise mode's Training Camp (more than on the PS2 or Xbox 360, in fact, which is a good thing), and each has the aforementionedlong load in of 30 seconds (which is a bad thing), then a load out of around 20 seconds long. Add gameplay to that, and it's unlikely you'll get through the Training Camp and into your first season game, in one sitting. Which is pretty obnoxious.

More Info

DescriptionFootball's perennial all-star is back again. The 360 version is obviously the prettiest, but it still lags slightly behind the PS2 and Xbox versions in the gameplay department.
Franchise nameMadden
UK franchise nameMadden
PlatformXbox 360, PC, Xbox, GameCube, PS2, PSP, Wii, DS, PS3
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date22 August 2006 (US), 22 August 2006 (UK)