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Lost Planet

Anyone who bought a PS2 early on probably has fond memories of Devil May Cry or Onimusha, two Capcom classics that brought style and substance to the system when it lacked both. Following in the footsteps of those two giants, Lost Planet is an attempt to bring a whole new style to the 360 when it's in similar straits; the game blends amazing atmosphere with alien carnage, slick cinematic drama and massively weapon-laden mechs in a snowy wasteland of third-person shooting.

Wayne is an amnesiac soldier whose sole memory consists of giant bug-like aliens - the Akrid - slaughtering his father. With this vendetta simmering, he joins the only group of humans stupid enough to tough things out on a blizzard-bound planet full of the ruins of an abandoned colony. You've got your plausible motivation here, but more importantly you've got a playground of decrepit buildings, alien monstrosities and the guns and mechs with which to make holes in both.

Lost Planet's icy wasteland is dotted with the broken down remnants of a society pushed beyond the brink. In these snow-choked towns, you'll find Akrid lying in wait. You can take them out on foot, or hop into a variety of mechanized "Vital Suits" that you'll encounter. Some of these robotic armors are clunky and slow, but others are extremely agile. You can pick and mix their weaponry, or even use it yourself. Each enemy defeated leaves behind traces of precious heat energy (the most important commodity on a world sheathed in ice) that functions as fuel for the mechs and lifeblood to Wayne.