Lloyd Levin producing Echo adaptation

Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin is sticking with the world of comic books for an upcoming project- he's just nabbed the rights to Terry Moore's Echo.

The latest project from the man behind cult comic Strangers In Paradise, Echo finds a female photographer dealing with her mixed-up personal life doused with liquid metal from a malfunctioning military experiment.

Naturally, she gains some amazing powers, tapping into the energy of a nuclear bomb, and the army becomes very interest in her.

It's something of a more post-modern superhero tale, focusing more on her personal angst than her powers - though we're sure the movie will be full of action.

Moore's got a talent for coming up with great characters, so hopefully this will be a solid entry into the genre.

Wonder when the first rumour about Megan Fox playing the lead will hit?

[Source: Variety ]

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