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Let's Go By Train! [import] review

Direct line to boredom-town


  • Controller adds real lever magic
  • Realistically modeled bullet trains
  • Feels like controlling a train


  • So boring
  • Passengers know we're slowing?
  • Where are the crashes?

Train love is disconcerting at the best of times. Admiring steam engines with their majestic plumes of smoke puffing through rustic vistas is just about understandable, but it takes a real sick cookie to get enjoyment out of the Japanese bullet trains ripping through mile after mile of cold, empty tunnel. So with this latest installment of the popular Densha de Go! arcade train experience focusing on the Sanyo Shinkansen, the bullet train from Osaka to Fukuota, it’s with some degree of apprehension that we don our driver’s cap and yell “all aboard!”

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DescriptionConsidering the fixed track nature of trains, speed is the only variable under player control and so the game becomes a simple task of watching the speedometer and track distance meter.
Release date27 February 2007 (US), 27 February 2007 (UK)