Lesbian Trysts

GR: How do you think male representations of female homoeroticism differ from female representations of same?

A: I wouldn't like to even attempt to generalize homoerotic art into different genders. I imagine some male artists would perhaps have sexualized the characters more, as would some female artists. I went with the brief and perhaps if a more 'adult' representation is required in future, I'll be a little more explicit.

GR: Though it’s difficult, if not impossible, to speak in absolutes about gender, I’m interested in exploring the difference between male and female notions of the lesbian tryst as an expression of fantasy fulfillment. Ostensibly, your art was created for other women, but the work still falls under the male gaze. How do you think the viewer’s concept of gender roles and sexual power dynamics affects their reading of the pieces?

A: I agree that the art can fall under the concept of the male gaze, but I think in general most things that are freely available do. Even if they're not created with the intention of a male audience, particularly in gaming this can be an issue, as there's the misconception that it's mainly guys who play games or that women don't have an interest in games. This means that a lot of gaming concepts seem to be developed with men in mind. I imagine that with regards to it being an expression of fantasy fulfillment, it works for both lesbians and men – at least that's the feedback I'm getting at the moment. Reading of the artwork is so subjective that I find it hard to comment on how gender roles and sexual power dynamics affect individual interpretations of the tryst series. All I can say is that from the feedback I've had so far, both male and female viewers have enjoyed them and they like the concept of the fantasy of two different female characters from different games interacting.

Above: Ulala vs Ada by our own Tyler Wilde (from our June ’08 Ultimate Character Battle)

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Aug 18, 2008

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