Lesbian Trysts

GR: What do you think of the industry’s portrayal of lesbians in games? Are there any that you’ve found particularly insightful or offensive?

A: I feel that the industry's portrayal of lesbians in games is few and far between. The only one that I can really think of is Fear Effect. I'm aware of the option of having a 'lesbian' relationship in Mass Effect, but this was slightly muted since it was an 'alien species'. Having watched my partner play Mass Effect, I think that Commander was certainly one of the more inclusive and insightful characters. Bioware did a wonderful job with characterization and gender-inclusivity. I haven't been overly offended by any, although the aforementioned Fear Effect was obviously there for titillation only. As a straight woman – which I am - I feel there is nothing wrong with having lesbian and gay characters in games. It would add true diversity to next gen games and would also help to address some of the stigmas about being gay.

GR: What motivated you to create the “Lesbian Tryst” series?

A: I have to admit that the "Lesbian Tryst" idea wasn't mine unfortunately, although I immediately saw the possibility of the concept. The creator of Lesbian Gamers asked me to do a Lara Croft and Nariko illustration and it seemed to snowball from there. I think it's a great idea and I haven't seen it done before, so I leapt at the chance.

GR: For each character you’ve illustrated, please tell us something about that character that made you want to draw her.

A: Again, I would have to admit that the pairings of games characters has very little to do with me. The creator of Lesbian Gamers asked me to draw a Nariko/Lara and Alyx Vance/Jade pairing and then she asked people on both Lesbian Gamers and AfterEllen to put forward their suggestions. Since then I've had numerous requests and I'm trying to do all of them. I think the Tryst series will continue until there are no more female gaming characters left, which probably won't take too long ;o)

GR: We noticed that your illustrations don’t involve as much physical contact as other similar art we’ve seen. Is this just a personal style, or do you think there’s some deeper issue at work relating to gender and/or sexuality?

A: I think that the illustrations are more sensual than sexual, but not due to any preconceived notions I have about gender and sexuality. The site needed illustrations that were general rated and more suggestive than overt, so I had this in mind when I was drawing them. I'm also a big believer in imagination – sometimes less is more!