Len Wiseman considering Motorcade

Looks like Len Wiseman is throwing another possibility into the ring for likely projects with which to follow Die Hard 4: he’s considering helming the thriller Motorcade for DreamWorks.

The Underworld creator is in negotiations to tackle the film, reports Variety , which would find terrorists attacking the US president’s vehicle in Los Angeles.

Breach writer-director Billy Ray is the man behind the script, a document that has also been through the hands of Craig Mitchell (Highwaymen) and Hans Bauer (Anacondas).


If and when the film finally gets rolling, we wonder if the focus will be on a beloved, heroic new president or a grouchy, loathed outgoing commander in chief. The possibilities are endless!

Whichever way it goes, Wiseman certainly knows how to make things fall down go boom, even if story's not his strong suit.