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Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy review

Proof positive that you can just never get enough Star Wars... ever

The real juice of LEGO Star Wars II, however, is not the gameplay as much as it is the cutesy extra bits like unlockable characters, collectible easter egg-style LEGO kits and countless inside jokes and sight gags. Most characters will smack enemies around when you get close enough, but if you're using Lando Calrissian and you try to hit Princess Leia in the face, he'll daintily grab her hand, kiss it and wink at her - hilarious. Just don't ask why we were trying to smack Leia up.

Similar to the last version, LEGO Star Wars II enables you to go back and play through completed levels again in order to collect all the goodies you missed your first time through. This is promoted further as characters you'd need to access hidden treasures (like minikit parts and special blocks) are locked out of the story mode; in earlier stages they aren't even available to you. Instead of being frustrating and boring, this actually boosts replay value as developer Traveller's Tales has included plenty of silly gags to make playing through a second or third time a treat. We were floored when accessing a "Bounty Hunters only" zone that led us to a series of hatches that, once opened, spaced a few rebel soldiers into the cold reaches of the void as we watched them twitch through a viewing window.

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DescriptionA blocky empire strikes back in this sequel to the surprisingly enjoyable lite actioner Lego Star Wars.
Franchise nameStar Wars
UK franchise nameStar Wars
PlatformXbox 360, PSP, GameCube, DS, GBA, PC, Xbox, PS2
US censor ratingEveryone
Release date12 September 2006 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)