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    Submitted by BabyRyoga

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Glitches

  • N64 | Submitted by bobxx12359

    Glitch City!


    This glitch requires the fierce deity's mask, and if you think this is the same old glitch it isn't. first do everything to use the fierce deitys mask outside of boss rooms, but before you enter sakon's hideout use inverted song of time so you can enjoy the glitch longer, then do the same old thing and fall in the river, you are now at the southern swamp, go on your way to clock town, it should look very very messed up and play origonal Legeond Of Zelda Ocerina Of TIme music, (this is because fierce deity is actually grown link with sweet armore/wepon!) and the perportions are off, everyone talks as if you are the same old link, everything is bright and, evan though in boss rooms zora and fierce deity are the same size, you can climb buildings! you can also enter doors but...look at your legs...they sink! also don't do games that you need link wepons to use or talk to children, the game freezes theres tons more of glitches like going through walls but they are complicated. keep in mind, technacly this is not a glitch but a secret because of all the proven things like the music you can get no where else in the game but it is under the glitch catogory because people consider it one.

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Hints

  • N64 | Submitted by Greenmage7

    How to get the "zora song"

    First, go get the FOUR eggs in the gerudo pirate area (you need to have a minimum of 4 bottles if you don't want to go through it again). Then drop the eggs in the aquarium.
    The other 3 are in Pinnacle Rock, the places are one of the holes closest to the bottom of the water, one of the top two holes, and under the holes right under the top two holes.
    (I'm not sure if it'll work for yours, though). And if you're confused in getting the eggs in the aquarium, climb up the ladder in there, walk on the bars (near the wall that's connected on the back of the aquarium),
    and drop the eggs in. You'll know what to do after you learn the song.

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Here's a list of all the songs that are sometimes annoying when u for get them hope they come in HANDY!!
    1. Elegy of Emptiness left-c up-c left-c right-c down-c left-c right-c
    2.Eponas Song up-c left-c right-c up-c left-c right-c
    3. Goron Lullaby A right-c left-c A right-c left-c right-c A
    4.Layered Song of Time right-c right-c A A down-c down-c(p.s. u dont have to learn this song)
    5.New Wave Bossa Nova left-c up-c left-c right-c down-c left-c righ-c
    6.Oath to Order right-c down-c A down-c right-c up-c
    7.Scare Crow Song In the Trading Post you see a sarecrow there talk to him then pull out your orcanea he asks u to play a song play somtin easy to remember and u have the scarecrow song(p.s. It goes away when you warp to the first day.)
    8. Sonta of Awakening up-c left-c up-c left-c A right-c A
    9.Song of Soaring down-c left-c up-c down-c left-c up-c
    10. Song of Storms A down-c up-c A down-c up-c
    11. Song of Time right-c A down-c right-c A down-c
    12. Song of Time Inversion down-c A right-c down-c A right-c (p.s. u don't have to learn this song)
    13. Song of Healing let-c right-c down-c left-c right-c down-c
    Thats all the songs!
    (p.s the first that you don't have to learn it fast forwards time 12 hours 4 the second song it slows down time by 1 3rd allowing u to have a lot more time. Epona's Song can fill a bottle of milk when played in front of a cow and summons a fairy when played in front of a gossip stone. Song of Storms can summon rainstorms Heals SHarp in Ikana Canyon Can heal u from the blue bubble curse, Summons a fairy when played in front of a Gossip Stone.Song of Healing can summon a airy when played in front of a Gossip Stone.)

  • N64 | Submitted by Luis N.

    Lots of Rupees

    Go to North Clock Town with:
    1.A reforged sword
    2.At least 2 small jars of magic worth
    3.Sword spin with level 2 magic(red not blue magic)
    1.Press and hold B NEAR the moving bushes
    (NOTE:when you do this do not strike a bush yet)
    2.Power up the sword to red and a little longer(NOTE:if you start to lose all your magic let go FAST during the next step)
    3.Hold B while you move to the bushes
    4.Let go and let 1 not get hit
    5.Destroy the last one
    If it worked the last one should be a red rupee.Leave and repeat the full code.

  • N64 | Submitted by Mr.X

    Ride Epona in Clock Town

    To ride Epona in Clock Town, do the following:
    1.Erase slot one in saved games.
    2.Start a new game in slot one, then do all the stuff up to until you are a kid again and save at the South Clock Town owl statue.
    3.Continue your game in slot two and call Epona in Termina field, ride her to milk road and save at the owl statue there(don't get off Epona though).
    4.Start the game in slot one again and you will be on Epona! You can talk to townsfolk(Even though they won't notice Epona) or even run Epona through town. But if you enter a building Epona will ride of, leaving you behind, you can also leave town to stop this cheat also.

  • N64 | Submitted by Dracaner

    Giants Wallet and Heart Piece

    Once you have gotten the hookshot and the captain's hat go to the second spider house. Blast open the crack with a bomb or blast mask. Then go down the hill to start destroying spiders. I suggest using the inverted song of time, down,a,up,down,a,up. If you beet it on the first day, then put on the goron mask and roll up the hill you entered from. If done on the first day a doy will be at the top and trade you the house for the giants wallet. Now you can hold 500 ruppies! For the heart piece in one of the rooms there are Stalchilds and masks on the wall. Talk to the Stalchilds and using your bow shoot the masks in the order they say. Go up the steps and find the heart piece.

  • N64 | Submitted by Aaron Garback o

    Kill and Destroy Sakon

    On the first Day when Sakon robs the old lady from the Bomb Shop,take out your bow and arrows, then put Z-Targeting on Sakon unless you have a perfect aim. Keep shooting Sakon until he blows up, then you have destroyed and killed Sakon. It doesn't do anything for the game but it sure is funny to watch.

  • N64 | Submitted by Link9790

    Infinite Rupees

    Go to the Bomber's Hideout with at least 1 bomb instead of going straight turn left swim over to a platform and blow up the wall. Open the chest inside and there will be 100 rupees deposit them in the bank. Then go back in time and do it again. Also in east clock town in the reserved room. There is one one a shops roof too, and one more is the stock pot inn's employees only room. Finally if you destroy the Takurri and you will get 200!!!!!!!! rupees

  • N64 | Submitted by zera765

    The Larger and Largest Arrow Quivers

    If you want to be able to carry more than 30 arrows, go play the arrow shooting game in East Clock Town(not Honey and Darling's, they only give you rupees). Then go to the arrow shooting gallery in between Termina Field and the Southern Swamp. It's hard but he'll give you the biggest quiver(oh, and don't forget to shoot the deku scrub on the very left that pops up at the end who made me waste about 100 rupees).

  • N64 | Submitted by Zelda Master kyle

    Easy Money Method 2

    message: First go toTermina Field. Then,a vulture will attack you when you see it or it sees you.If you can defeat it, you win 200 rupees. You can do this as much as you want to!

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Rupees throughout Termina

    1. In Clock Town go near the Bombers entrance There'll be stairs.Go up them. Jump two times Then jump on the two targets, on the ledge. Go up then turn right, go down you'll see a chest. Open it you will get 100 rupees.
    2. In the Stock Pot Inn between 1:10 & 4:10. Talk to Anju she will give you the room key. Go through the rooms. In each room you will get rupees.You will get about 120 rupees.
    3. In front of Honey & Darling's shop, there are targets shoot them both. You will get about 6-9 rupees.
    4.On the road to Ikana Canyon, there will be lampposts, shoot them all. You will get 20-27 rupees.

  • N64 | Submitted by Link

    Adult Wallet + Razor Sword to Gilded Sword

    Adult Wallet
    In West Clock Town, deposit your rupees into the bank. When you have 200 or more rupees in your account, you'll receive the Adult Wallet. If you deposit to 5000 rupees or more, you'll get a heart piece.
    Razor Sword
    To get a razor sword, do this. When you get to the mountain village, continue up until you get the lens of truth, Goron Mask, and Hot Spring Water. Once you have all that, go to the hut in the mountain village and pour your Hot Spring Water near the hearth (fireplace) to melt the ice. Once you've done that, the worker will thank you and offer you a deal of forging your Kokiri Sword for 100 Rupees to the Razor Sword. Note that this takes a day, sword breaks in 100 hits and can't be taken in time with you.
    Gilded Sword
    If you already have the Razor Sword, defeat Ghot at the Snowhead temple to bring about spring. When that is done, go to the Goron Village to see the Powder Keg instructor. Talk to him and he'll test your Goron Skills of bringing a Powder Keg (explosive Goron Bomb) to the "Unfrozen Lake". Hurry and get there and throw it up, and then grab it. Follow these steps. When you get there, you'll see a giant rock at the top, with "Crybaby Goron" up there. Throw your Powder Keg up there and nail an arrow to it to let it blow up the giant boulder. Go back to the Instructor to claim a certification and a free Powder Keg. This Certification allows you to purchase Powder Kegs in the bomb shop in West Clock Town. Now that you blew up that boulder, go into the hole that you made appear when you blew up the boulder. Inside, you'll see some Gorons. Talk to Crybaby in Goron Form and you'll be asked to race the others. Say yes and the race starts. This race is pretty tough, but when you get i!
    nto your spiky form of rolling,bump into the other gorons to send them going back making the race easier. Once you come in first place, the Crybaby Goron will reward you with Gold Dust. Now if you have the Razor Sword (see above section), then go to the hut in the mountain village. Hurry though, since you have to bring the Gold Dust and Razor Sword to te forger by the 2nd Night to get it upgraded. When you're in the hut, talk to the forger and he'll ask for Gold Dust. Give it to him and he'll take the razor sword to forge. Come back tomorrow morning to receive your Gilded Sword! This is the best sword. It does triple the damage of the Kokiri Sword, is unbreakable, and can be taken back in time with you, unlike the Razor Sword.

  • N64 | Submitted by TJ Poirier

    Finding Stray Fairies

    See a stray fairy that you GOTTA have, but can't reach it? Just wear the fairy mask that the first great fairy gave to you for putting her together, and the stray fairy will come to you.

  • N64 | Submitted by Brad Tolliver

    Easy money in Clock Town

    Go to east clock town, and go up the set of stairs that are between the hotel and the milk bar. Then turn right and right again and go up the stairs. Jump across the gap, if you have the bunny mask on, then just jump across the gap, and if you don't have the bunny mask on, then you have to roll into your jump. Do the same on the next gap that leads to the basket above a door. Then climb on the piller from the basket and jump to the final ledge. Run around the building and you will see a chest. It has a silver ruppee which is worth 100 ruppees.

  • N64 | Submitted by Bryan

    Easy Money

    In West Clock Town there is a lottery shop buy a ticket choosing any 3 #s wait until 6 o clock pm if the numbers are wrong just warp back to the first day remember the winning #s buy another ticket using the same numbers and wait till 6 or just warp ahead youll get 50 ruppees Note: Must be same day you bought the ticket

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Money

    At South Swamp take pictures of an Octo and give the tourist the picture. The guy will give you twenty rubies.No matter how many times you do this he will give you twenty rubies. Note:don't take the boat ride.

  • N64 | Submitted by Ryan Zelda Master

    Unlimited rupees

    In zelda 2 go to the sword training center, in there you'll find that big gong... well if you hit (with a sword or any other method) it enough times (20 or so) it'll give you 5 rupees, you can do this as many times as you want, and it'll keep on giving you 5 rupees.

  • N64 | Submitted by Big C

    Slow Down Time

    This one's easy... simply play the song of time backwards! I don't know if it works on the American version.

  • N64 | Submitted by Josh Hourt

    Easy win

    In the first dungeon, when you go against the three turtles, you don't need bombs, go in the flower as deku link and fly out just as they go over the top of you. It's a really easy win.

  • N64 | Submitted by Mr.X

    Feise Diety Mode Outside of Boss Battles

    To use the Fierce Diety Mask without going into the boss battles, do the following:
    1. Slap on the bunny hood and warp to the third day and warp to Ikana Canyon.
    2.Go to Sakon's hideout and look at the door, there is a crack, roll to try to get inside.
    3.Once your inside talk to Kafei, then you and kafei will reapeat what you did during you attempt to get the couples mask.
    4.While you are kafei, swich the bunny hood with the Fierce Diety's Mask, and when you are Link again put on the mask, if you manage to complete the maze, you'll come back out looking as Fierce Diety Link!
    (P.S.: It might take a few times before you get into Sakon's hideout.)

  • N64 | Submitted by Devilkin

    Fairy fountain locations

    You might be wondering where all those damn Fairy fountains are ay well i can tell you!
    Din`s fire:is located at hyrule castle you will see a big boulder blow it up and then you get din`s fire(din`s fire make a large flame around you).
    farore`s wind:behind lord jabu jabu is another stone blow it up then you dont see anything but again bomp the wall it was blocking(farore`s wind lets teleport through two points in a dungeon)
    nayru`s love:at desert colouss there are two palm trees and a cracked wall behind it bomb the wall and you will get nayru`s love(nayru`s love lets a barrier around your body for a period of time so you get hurt but beware it waste lots of magic).
    magic meter plus sword spin:after you beat king dogongo go to the top of the moutain and you will earn the a magic meter plus a powerful sword spin(the sword spin used when you hold B and it turns red)
    double magic meter:after you beat volgaia go to two rocks that are side to side at death moutain crater use the megaton hammer and break`em then inside the great fairy will give twice as much magic(its magic is very useful it will be very difficult without her gift to beat the game)
    double defense:after you acheive the the golden gauntlets go outside and go to the same place you got din`s fire as a kid there you will see a big humogous stone since you have the golden gauntelts you will able to left it so left it and inside you will get DOUBLE DEFENSE!!!(you can tell that you got double defense by looking at your hearts your hearts will lined by white).

  • N64 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Ghost Box in Clock Town and where ever there are boxes to pick up.

    In Clock town ( once your link ) go to East clock town and there are two boxes near a big pole. pick up the box pressing the A button then press R. Right once your out of the box do it over. But if you don't get out your in the box. You can crouch and no one can see you.

  • N64 | Submitted by zera765

    Tons of Rupees!!!!!!

    In East Clock Town, if you walk out side of the Mayor's Office, to the left there will be stairs. Go up them then jump across to the other platform(I think you have to be wearing the bunny hood)then onto the platform above Honey and Darling's shop. Then jump to the last platform, climb it and when you get to the corner, turn to the right. Down lower there's 100 rupees!!! Go back in time and it's there again!!!
    Another place is in the Bomber's hideout. Enter it and instead of going froward, go to the left and follow the water till you get to the gate. On the platform next to it, there is a crack in the wall. Bomb it and there's another 100 rupees!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by zera765

    Bigger Wallet

    Tired of only being able to carry 99 rupees around? Well, if you take 200 rupees to the bank man in west clock town, he'll give you the Adult's Wallet!!! It can hold 200 rupees!!!

  • N64 | Submitted by Jim L.

    How to get gold dust sword

    Ok this is how you get the sword made out of GOLD DUST. First you have to bet the snow head and make it spring go to the sword sharpening store bye the RAZOR SWORD...but it breaks after 100 hits. So you have to win the Goron race it took my a couple trys to win keep trying. Than once you get the GOLD DUST when you win bring it to the store before the morning than he'll give you the sword no charge.

  • N64 | Submitted by BRANDON ELLIS

    The Great Fairy's Sword

    In the dungeon in Woodfall Temple wear the Great Fairy's Mask and catch all the stray fairy's. There are 15.Once you catch all of them go to Woodfall and go in to the Fairy's Fountain. Once the Great Fairy gets her self back together she will reward you with the Great Fairy's Sword which increases the reach and strengh of your spin attack

  • N64 | Submitted by Chod

    Heart Piece

    Do u have a problem getting 5000 rupees for the man u have to deposit money to the man in the east of clock work town well all u have to do is to got through the south exit of the town and kill the large bird to get 200 rupees all the time and keep on killing it after u deposit ur money. After u have 5000 rupees u will get a heart piece from the peasant (Man u give all ur deposit's to)

  • N64 | Submitted by John Cates

    Easier Way To Make Money

    Go to southern swamp pop Tingle's ballon and take a picture of him. When you take it to the guy he tell's you that tingle is his son, and he gives 100 ruppes for finding him.

  • N64 | Submitted by Matt Stanzil

    Free Boat Rides and Money!

    Go to woodland swamp and save the potion witches sister. Then go back to th place that has a boat climb the ladder and go in the building. go to the tourist information center and you will get a free boat ride the first time. after that since you have the camera take a picture of anything go back to boat building talk to the big guy and he will offer you 5 rupees or another boat ride take the boat ride and go to the deku palace change to deku link and go see the king. Take a picture of the king go back to boat place and he will give you 100 rupees.

  • N64 | Submitted by Matt

    Unlimited Rupees (PAL version??)

    Go to steps above the Milk Bar in East Clock Town. Run up 'em and you'll see a gap between the milk bar and Honey And Darling's. If you have the bunny hood just jump, if you don't then rollinto jump as normal Link. Keep jumping till you get to the other side. Keep going until you see a chest, open it and you'll get 100 rupees. Go to bank (west clock town)and deposit, then play the Song of time and keep doing this until u have as many rupees as you want. This is PAL I don't know if it works on the american version

  • N64 | Submitted by Ivan

    Flower Jump

    As the Deku Scrub,you'll have limited powers of flight.To use them,stand on a Deku flower, then press and hold A.Once you've burrowed into the flower's bud and a puff of pollen pops out,release A to rocket into the air and hover with your petal props.If you hit B while in midair, you can drop Deku Nut bombs.

  • N64 | Submitted by TMan

    Frog Locations

    Laundry Pool
    River Ride
    Woodfall Temple in mini-boss room
    Mountain Village after Snowhead Temple is cleared
    Great Bay Temple in mini-boss room
    Once you locate all of the frogs, use Don Gero's Mask to speak to them. Re-unite them in the Mountain Village after you defeat Goht to get a Heart Piece.

  • N64 | Submitted by TMan

    All 24 Masks

    One of the key aspects of the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask are the unique masks that Link will find throughout the game. Some will transform Link into new forms, while others have very limited uses. There are a total of 24 masks in the game, and you can find them listed below:
    1. Deku Mask: Link begins the game with this mask. As the Deku Shrub, he can hop on top of water a couple times, as well as shoot bubbles at enemies. Also, the Deku Shrub can burrow into flowers and then shoot into the air – gliding down slowly.
    A: Spin
    B: Shoot bubble
    2. Bremen Mask: Link receives this mask from the weird guy in the Laundy Pool area of Clock town at night during the first or second days. It is used to herd chicks in the ranch, which will get you the Bunny Hood.
    3. Great Fairy Mask: You get this mask by returning the second lost fairy to the Great Fairy. It can attract Stray Fairies in dungeons.
    4. Bunny Hood: When wearing this mask, Link runs at an increased rate. You get it by using the Bremen Mask and herding all the chicks in the Chicken Coop of the ranch during the day.
    5. Mask of Scents: Follow the Deku through the tunnel (use the Bunny Hood to keep up) that is to the left of the Deku Palace. The mask can detect scents such as mushrooms.
    6. Goron Mask: Play the Song of Healing for the old Goron ghost after following him to the Goron Shrine. The mask turns Link into a Goron, complete with increased size and strength.
    A: Curl (hold down A, and then press up to build speed)
    B: Attack
    If you hold down A and then press B, you will do the Goron Stomp.
    7. Romani’s Mask: Complete both Romani’s and Cremia’s notebook entries. This mask gives you access to the Milk Bar in Clock Town.
    8. Kamaro’s Mask: Play the song of healing for the guy dancing on top of the mushroom to the north of Clock Town. He is only there at night, and the mask allows you to dance.
    9. Blast Mask: Stop the thief after midnight during the first day in North Clock Town. You can blow up objects using this mask – just like a bomb, but you will loose one heart per blast.
    10. Kafei’s Mask: Speak to the woman in the Mayor’s House in East Clock Town. Used in a couple notebook quests.
    11. Captain’s Hat: Defeat the sleeping skeleton in the graveyard. The Hat allows you to speak to the undead.
    12. Mask of Truth: Complete the first Spider Dungeon. It allows you to speak to the weird stones around the world.
    13. All Night Mask: Stop the thief on Day 1, then buy it for 500 Rupees from the curiosity shop on Day 3. It allows you to stay up late and listen to the old lady's stories in the inn.
    14. Stone Maske: Use the Lens of Truth near the entrance to the graveyard to find a soldier. Give him a red potion to get the mask. Some enemies will not notice you while wearing this mask.
    15. Keaton Mask: Go to Kafei’s house in the afternoon of the third day after you take the pendant to Anju. Wear this mask and slash at the bushes that move (like the ones in North Clock Town) to make Keaton appear. Answer his quiz questions correctly to get a Heart Piece.
    16. Don Gero's Mask: Light all the torches in the Goron Village, then use the Goron roll to destroy the barrels on the chandelier. Take the chunk of meat to the shivering Goron in the mountain village. The mask will allow you to speak to frogs. See the Frog Locations below.
    17. Zora Mask: Push the sick Zora to the shore in the Great Bay, and then play the song of healing for it. The mask turns Link into a Zora.
    A: Swim
    B: Dive
    R: Energy Field
    18. Garo's Mask: Ride Epona into the racetrack on Milk Road, and win the race to get this mask. This allows you to get into the Canyon area.
    19. Postman's Hat: Can be used to open mail boxes in Clock Town. You get his mask by going through the Kafei notebook entry until you get the letter to Aroma. Give it to the postman, and then talk to him about it.
    20. Circus Leader's Mask: Go into the Milk Bar, and help the Zora with his sound check by playing the instruments while wearing each of your three transformation masks (Deku, Goron, Zora) and as Link. If you wear the mask during Cremia's notebook entry there will be no attackers.
    21. Couple's Mask: Complete Anju's notebook entry by recovering the stolen mask. Wear this and speak to the Mayor after 10pm for a heart piece.
    22. Gibo Mask: Play the song of healing for the mummy in the Canyon house to get this mask that will allow you to speak to Gibdos.
    23. Giant's Mask: Kill the Eyegore in the Inverted Stone Tower. This mask makes Link big.
    24. Fierce Diety Mask: First gather all of the other masks in this list. Then, complete the mini-dungeons at the end of the game, and you will get this mask. It turns link into Oni Link.

  • N64 | Submitted by tyler davis in orange TX

    Slower time with normal movement

    Play the folowing on ocarina.C-down, A, C-right, C-down, A, C-right

  • N64 | Submitted by Big C

    Warp Forward 12 hours

    Play the first 3 notes of the song of time like this: Right-C, Right-C, A, A, Down C, Down C.