The Last of Us Remastered - Collectibles guide

Lakeside Resort - The Hunt 

Artifact #67-75: No Pun Intended, No Pun Intended: Volume Too, To Get to the Other Side!, Riley's Pendant, Sam's Robot, Walkman, Switchblade, Note from Mom, Joel & Sarah Photo
These will automatically be in Ellie's possession upon starting the chapter.
IMPORTANT--make sure you go into Ellie's rucksack and view each of these items, turning them over if the option is given and listening to any comments Ellie makes in full, so that they all register correctly.

Comic #10: Uncertainty
Once you enter large wooden structure, make a left. In this small room is a desk with a drawer. Open it to find another comic inside.

Firefly Pendant #25
While crossing the catwalks to lower the ladder for David, a Clicker will emerge from a small side room. Get rid of the Clicker, and enter the side room to find a pendant atop a table.

Firefly Pendant #26
When running through the lakeside houses, stop at the gazebo by the first house you entered. You'll find a pendant on a bench inside.

Comic #11: Negentropy
After emerging from the first sewer pipe, turn around to find a set of steps. Head up to find two benches; this comic sits on one of them.

Artifact #76: Lake Resort Map
Joel will automatically have this in his possession once you regain control of him after Ellie's battle with David.

Lakeside Resort - Cabin Resort  

Training Manual #11: Smoke Shaping
After moving through the gas station during Joel's second playtime, move past the truck with the burning barrels to the next building. Behind this building is a shed you can unlock with a shiv. You'll find the manual inside.

Artifact #77: Ellie's Backpack
During your search for Ellie, Joel will lock a door behind him and pick this up during a cut scene.

Artifact #78: Meat Ledger
Make a right from the shelf with Ellie's backpack to find another artifact on another shelf.

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