The Last of Us Remastered - Collectibles guide

The University - Go Big Horns! 

Comic #9: Free Radicals
From the chapter start, turn around and head up the road. You'll find a comic on the hood of a car up here.

Artifact #58: Sniper's Nest Log
When you enter the campus grounds, look for this large multi-layered building. Enter and head to the top floor to exit onto a balcony. You'll find this artifact out there, along with some supplies.

Firefly Pendant #20
After jumping over the first barricade and ascending the stairs, turn right. Just a few feet ahead, you'll find another pendant dangling from a tree.

Artifact #59: Wall Panel Note
Make a right after leaving Ellie with Callus to find the flamethrower. Just beyond it, you'll find this pinned to the wall next to a circuit box.

Firefly Pendant #21
Just before leaving the central grounds, look for this damaged window. You can pull yourself into a small room here, where you'll find another pendant atop a table.

Training Manual #9: Health Sterilization
When you reach the fountain, take a right to find a building you can enter. Head up the stairs and hop out onto the roof. Enter the window to your left, and you'll find a manual atop a desk in this room.

Artifact #60: UEC Campus Map
After ducking into the dormitory, head straight ahead to find this lying across a counter.

Artifact #61: Student's Journal
Head upstairs and enter the second door on the left. Doing so will partially block a drawer behind the door. Open it to find another artifact.

Firefly Pendant #22
To obtain this pendant, you must kill the Bloater in the spore filled area. He'll drop it upon defeat.

Artifact #62: Newspaper Clipping
When you return to the second floor of the dorm, make a right out of the stairwell and enter the first door on your right. Make a left inside the dorm room to find this atop a mini-fridge.

Firefly Pendant #23
When you reach the plaza outside the science lab, head to the farthest tent. In here, you'll find a pendant on a table.

The University - Science Building  

Training Manual #10: Molotov Deployment
Before heading through the door near the yellow and orange wires, head to the end of the hall to find a locked door. Use a shiv to enter, and you'll find another manual on a table inside.

Artifact #63: Office Recorder
Make a left at the top of the stairwell to find two doors: one closed, one opened. Head through the opened one on the left to find this artifact on a table near a framed picture.

Artifact #64: Fungal X-Rays
After emerging from the tented hallway, make a left. You'll find these on a counter near the window.

Artifact #65: Lab Recorder
In the very next room, you'll encounter the monkeys again. You can also find this artifact on a large table in the middle of the room.

Firefly Pendant #24
In the same room, check the shelf in the back corner for a well hidden pendant.

Artifact #66: Firefly's Recorder
Continue into the next room, and Joel will pick up a recorder during a cut scene. This is automatically added to your collection.

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