The Last of Us Remastered - Collectibles guide

The Outskirts - Outside 

Artifact #9: Tess' List
Before you shimmy through the broken wall in the apartment, turn around and pick this artifact up off the nightstand in the other room.

Artifact #10: Patrol Routes Map
Make a right after stepping off the elevator to find this next to a boiler.

The Outskirts - Downtown 

Artifact #11: Evacuation Leaflet
After climbing up to the highway in the rain, bear right to move toward a traffic light. This sits beneath it.

Firefly Pendant #4
Before entering the Goldstone Building (the slanted building after you view the destroyed downtown area), continue forward into the little park area. Here, you'll find another pendant dangling from a tree. Shoot it down to pick it up.

Artifact #12: Field Ops Log
As you ascend the staircase inside the Goldstone Building, you'll pass a second dead soldier. This lies next to him.

Artifact #13: Firefly Map
When you reach the bottom of the building, you'll receive your first Molotov. Just beyond is a short staircase. Ascend it to find another artifact near a dead body.

Artifact #14: Note to Derek
On your way out of the subway beneath the building, Tess will have Ellie follow you around as you encounter several Clickers. Take a left from where you being this encounter to find a convenience store. You'll find this inside the store's cash register.

The Outskirts - Museum  

Artifact #15: Medical Pamphlet
Once you use the desk to climb over the truck, turn around and enter the same truck. You'll find this inside.

Firefly Pendant #5
Just after the workbench, you'll ascend via a broken part of the ceiling. Make a left to shimmy across the ledge up here. A pendant waits on the other side.

The Outskirts - The Capitol Building 

Artifact #16: Firefly Orders
After descending the stairs, turn around to find this lying next to a dead body.

Firefly Pendant #6
While moving through the green muck, bear left to reach the gazebo. Inside, you'll find this pendant next to one of the columns.

Artifact #17: Smuggler Note
As you swim through the flooded subway, you'll come to a ladder on a higher ledge. Directly across from this is a lower ledge (near Ellie) you can climb on to. This artifact lies next to corpse on that ledge.

Firefly Pendant #7
Immediately beyond the previous artifact is a spot where you can dive. Do so to find a flooded office. You'll also find a pendant on the shelves inside.

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