King's Bounty: The Legend Cheats

King's Bounty: The Legend Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Markz

    Official Cheat Codes

    King's Bounty The Legend v.1.6+ (not demo i think) Cheat Codes.

    Press "Shift + ~ " ingame,type cheat code and press enter.

    The cheat codes are not case-sensitive.

    Boat = You need to be close to water to spawn ship.

    Crystal (number) = Adds the given number of Magic Crystals.

    Clearwife = Removes all children ?

    Doublearmy (slot number) = Doubles the number of your army in the slot 1-5.

    Levelup or Levelup (number) = Hero gets next level or levels.

    Leadership (number) = Adds given amount of leadership.

    Magicbook = Gives all spells+scrolls (remember to upgrade spells from the spell book).

    Mana or Mana (number) = Hero gets full mana or given amount of mana.

    Money (number) = Adds given amount of gold,but you can't finish some quests that needs gold,because it thinks that you don't have any.

    Name (enter the name you want) = Rename your hero.

    Rage or Rage (number) = Hero gest full rage or given amount of rage.