Kick-ass 90s characters who died a sad death

Last known whereabouts: Legacy of Kain: Defiance

Back in 1999, when the brilliant Legacy onfKain: Soul Reaver broke onto the scene, Raziel was being heralded as the new Lara Croft. Just replace the massive tits and sporty backpack with some tattered wings and… eh, the fact he was a decomposing, exiled vampire. Nevertheless, in terms of pure platform ability and grace, he left Croft eating his undead dust.

He was also an interesting chap, too. Oh sure, he loved to suck up demon’s souls and skewer monsters with a giant sword. But he was also the civilised sort who wouldn’t be out of place in Pride in Prejudice. Well, until he stopped saying ‘whence’ and started going for the jugulars of every high society wench in sight. Pity, then that as the series progressed it shifted focus to his fellow blood-sucker Kain, and neither have been seen since 2003.

Above: Raziel always made eviscerations look classy

Chances of being resurrected: Bloody unlikely. See what we did there. Try the Alaskan shrimp. It’s quite delightful.

Unless Kain ditches the nobility in favour of going urban, gritty or just getting a sex change so he can have some mighty melons grafted to his brittle chest, we’d say the market has passed him by.