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Kate Becksinsale offered Total Recall's female lead

Kate Beckinsale has been offered the role of Lori in Sony Pictures' Total Recall remake, according to Deadline.

This news shouldn't come as a huge shock, as Beckinsale is married to remake director Len Wiseman, and they've previously worked together on several Underworld movies.

Only scheduling problems could keep her away from Recall , as she's currently busy shooting Underworld 4: New Dawn (and it'd probably lead to some awkward dinner table moments if she just turned her hubbie down…)

If she signs on, she'll star opposite Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid (the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the original).

Lori (formerly played by Sharon Stone) is Quaid's wife, though like most things in the Philip K. Dick-inspired movie, she's not all she seems.

There's still another major female role to be cast: Mars-based freedom fighter Melina.

Deadline are reporting that Eva Mendes and Rosario Dawson are serious contenders for the role, though it's still not clear if either of them will actually get an offer.

Total Recall also has Bryan Cranston onboard as villain Vilos Cohaagen, and it's scheduled for release on 22 August 2012.