Justice League Heroes - Super Moves - Part One

Regardless of your upbringing, financial situation or age, there's at least one pop culture war that you've chosen an unflinching side on. Coke or Pepsi? GI Joe or Transformers? Marvel or DC? The latter rivalry has almost lasted 80 years, gaining more steam as the decades go by. Now we've got the two comic companies fighting it out in movie theaters, toy aisles and even across every gaming console on the planet.

X-Men Legends is the superhero RPG by which all others are judged, so when Superman, Batman and the rest of the Justice League step up with one of their own (courtesy of Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance developer Snowblind), it had better be one hell of an effort. With tight-knit, two-player action and a roster of the biggest icons in the comic industry, Justice League Heroes could easily carve a piece of the X-Men's hold on the beatdown adventure genre. Thus begins part one of our two-part look at the heroes' legendary super moves you'll be using in the game - how many can you name without even reading the text?

Any look into super powers has to begin with the world's first caped hero, Superman. He's hard to write and a bit too Boy Scout-y for some, but there's no denying his outlandish power level. Here, Supes' creatively named Super Breath freezes a White Martian, setting race relations on Mars back at least 10 years.

Sometimes this power freezes people, other times it just blows things away. Judging from the screen, we're going with the freezing option.