Just Cause Cheats

Just Cause Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by BAB5291

    30 Second Vehicle Stunts

    In order to unlock the 20 vehicle stunts for the land based vehicles, simply steal a car and ram it into another car so that theyÂ’re facing each other. Hit the stunt button and then hit the jump to car button twenty times. You should, if the cars are lined up correctly, be able to get the twenty stunts in about 30 seconds. Works on other vehicles too!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andre

    Kill Man on Scooter

    Find a man on a Mosca 125 Rallye, a Vespa like slow scooter. Get in front of the scooter so it stops, select your grapple, shoot the man until he dies, watch him fly.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andre

    Rage-Johnston F10 Wraith

    Encarnacion, Guerrilla 24, Camp Sacrificio

    Get extraction to the Guerrilla 24 Safehouse, there should be a Delta MAH-15 Chimaera Helicopter there if you have enough points. If it is there get in it and head in the opposite direction it is facing. You should find an air strip, on that air strip there will be a large cargo plane(that sometimes disappears)and the Rage-Johnston F10 Wraith Jet. This Jet has 2 Machine guns, 4 Slow rocket launchers and 4 Fast rocket launchers.

  • PS2 | Submitted by too loud

    How To Liberate Regions Easier

    Any Military Base

    First make sure you have plenty of ammo and a safehouse near a military base. If you take over the base you would liberate 5X more than just liberating a town.

  • Xbox, PC, PS2, Xbox 360 | Submitted by Michael Nash

    Taking over Territories

    Use the following trick when you are taking over a village with the guerrillas. Ignore most of the enemies and charge towards the roadblock the government has up. Destroy it using grenades, a rocket launcher, or timed explosives. Do this to each one, and the "Capture enemy flag" objective will soon appear. Run to it and press A to conquer that area. For other villages without roadblocks, such as the towns when a police car with a turret on the back appears, go in it. One of your teammates will also enter. Drive down street and your partner will kill everyone. Then, capture the flag when instructed. Do not open fire on anyone on your team or they will kill you.

Just Cause Glitches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by credion

    Infinite Jump Glitch

    Make sure you have 2 two-handed guns. Jump, and then while in the air switch to your second big gun. If you keep switching them at the right time you will be able to levitate up into the air.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Shady6292

    Ride on Water Glitch

    anywhere by water (deep)

    Jump a dirt bike into some deep water. Press Y right when you fly off. Then swim up to your bike (it will be upside-down floating) and press Y again to get on it. You will be riding your bike on the water.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by bell 412

    Fall without Chute

    In the game demo or in real game, best if just after a checkpoint saved when in a helicopter as to have many chances at this stunt. When this is done make sure to destroy all turrets nearby so that you do not get shot out of the air. Move to a location above a road or sand (flat ground). Move higher in altitude until "you are leaving the mission area, turn around" is stated. Then jump from the helicopter. At a minimum of 15 feet from the ground, pull back on your left stick and head strait. When you land you will usually be damaged slightly but still alive and without a parachute!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andre

    Distorted Terrain

    Costa Verde, Guerrilla 22, Camp Condor

    Get Extraction to Guerrilla 22 safe house one dropped get into the Delta MAH-15 Chrimera Helicopter head NORTH EAST towards the Highway. One you have got to the highway, get a car follow the road east. Eventually you should come up some really weird rigged terrain.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andre

    Multiple Jumps


    Get A B C weapons and the Graple.

    Select the grapple and press B to jump, then press left,right,left,right and keep going

    It may take a few attempts to get the timing right but when you press left right left right Ricos Jumping animation should replay every time you change weapon causing him to jump again.

    Note: You do not have to keep pressing B to jump again in the air,you can use this technique to get to those "Hard to reach places"

  • Xbox | Submitted by Andre

    Wheel Through Ground

    On a Fukuda BlueBolt ( Road Bike)

    Go to any city, find a Fukuda BlueBolt Motorbike and line it up with the road, start driving down the road and hold down (towards your self like you are trying to do a Wheelie) on the left thumbstick. The bike may go flying in the air with you or sometimes without you.

    The explanation for this can be found when you shoot the rubber of the back wheel of the bike then preforming the above. The Metal part of the wheel goes through the ground and the road is placed down on the map in parts so when the back wheel hits these parts it will launch you upwards.

    This can also happen in a fukuda Tornament (Rioja 02) and a Garret Paladin, the fastest car in the game at the Rioja 05 safehouse.

  • Xbox, PC, PS2 | Submitted by Shady6292


    anywhere by water (deep)

    First you have to have a dirt bike, Then find a jump that leads into some deep water. Drive it off the jump and press Y right when you fly off. Then swim up to your bike(it will be upside-down floating)and press Y again to get on it. You will be riding your bike on the water.

  • PS2 | Submitted by chris vincent

    Floating Rico

    West of map, oil rig

    At the South West corner of the oil rig if you run next to the wall on the west side, it should come up with 'X; Climb down ladder' If you press it you can now climb down an invisible ladder to the water. It looks as if Rico is suspended in mid air

  • PS2 | Submitted by chris vincent

    Invisible Grapples

    When walking around with the grapple gun you may see that you auto-target thin air. If you fire it will just go through it, BUT BE CAREFUL! When driving past these whilst on top of the car, sometimes it says 'O; Jump to car' DON'T DO IT'. I did and you end up in the 'riding car' position in mid air, and you can't jump off or do anything, so I had to reset.

Just Cause Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    10 Side Missions Completed (5) - Complete 10 Side Missions
    100 Kills (10) - Kill 100 Enemies
    15 Takeover Missions Completed (25) - Complete 15 Takeover Missions
    20 Air Vehicle Stunts (10) - Complete 20 Air Vehicle Stunts
    20 Car-To-Car Stunts (5) - Complete 20 Car-To-Car Jumps
    20 Land Vehicle Stunts (10) - Complete 20 Land Vehicle Stunts
    20 Sea Vehicle Stunts (10) - Complete 20 Sea Vehicle Stunts
    20 Side Missions Completed (10) - Complete 20 Side Missions
    250 Kills (25) - Kill 250 Enemies
    30 Side Missions Completed (10) - Complete 30 Side Missions
    30 Takeover Missions Completed (50) - Complete 30 Takeover Missions
    40 Side Missions Completed (10) - Complete 40 Side Missions
    45 Takeover Missions Completed (75) - Complete 45 Takeover Missions
    50 Side Missions Completed (10) - Complete 50 Side Missions
    500 Kills (50) - Kill 500 Enemies
    All Collect Missions Completed (45) - Complete Every Collect Mission
    All Race Missions Completed (15) - Complete Every Race Mission
    All Story Missions Completed (125) - Complete All Story Missions
    All Stunts Completed (50) - Complete All Stunts
    Back-Door Action (5) - Complete Collect Mission 2
    Base Jump 1000 Meters (5) - Base Jump From 1000 Meters Or Higher
    Champion Of Race 1 (5) - Complete Race 1
    Champion Of Race 2 (5) - Complete Race 2
    Champion Of Race 3 (5) - Complete Race 3
    Champion Of Race 4 (5) - Complete Race 4
    Champion Of Race 5 (5) - Complete Race 5
    Champion Of Race 6 (5) - Complete Race 6
    Champion Of Race 7 (5) - Complete Race 7
    Champion Of Race 8 (5) - Complete Race 8
    Champion Of Race 9 (5) - Complete Race 9
    Freedom Fighter (25) - Liberate 11 Provinces In San Esperito
    I Want a Super-Potent Weapon (5) - Complete Collect Mission 3
    I Want My Intel Back (5) - Complete Collect Mission 5
    I've Got the Blueprints, Man (5) - Complete Collect Mission 4
    Mission 14 Completion (50) - Complete Story Mission 14
    Mission 7 Completion (25) - Complete Story Mission 7
    Most Wanted 1 Min (10) - Survive For 1 Minute With Maximum Wanted Level
    Most Wanted 2 Mins (25) - Survive For 2 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
    Most Wanted 5 Mins (50) - Survive For 5 Minutes With Maximum Wanted Level
    New Kind of Kick (5) - Complete Collect Mission 12
    Protector of the People (50) - Liberate 22 Provinces In San Esperito
    Red Eyes (5) - Complete Collect Mission 6
    Rico the Beach Comber (5) - Complete Collect Mission 8
    Salt Refinery... Yeah Right (5) - Complete Collect Mission 1
    Saviour of San Esperito (75) - Liberate Every Provinces In San Esperito
    Slippery When Wet (5) - Complete Collect Mission 11
    Staying Power (5) - Complete Collect Mission 9
    The Cleavage (5) - Complete Collect Mission 10
    We Have Ways of Making You Talk (5) - Complete Collect Mission 7
    White Beaches (5) - Complete Collect Mission 13