Just Cause 3 is making monsters of us all

"I have fired a lot of cows into the sea, it has to be said," is what (the normally mild mannered) Leon just said in the office. It seems that some casual cow firing is the least of the internet's worries when it comes to the physics and explosive possibilities of Just Cause 3. Witness now, the fall of mankind. In a series of cruel but hilarious gifs.

Exhibit A: The roundabout by StSycho

Exhibit B: Stealth bombing by Braxford - (worth the build up)

Exhibit C: A scooter 'accident' from https://youtu.be/UmgoLS0vh5E video from Robbaz

Exhibit D: A new kind of deadly circus from Solomon_Gunn

Exhibit E: A pay off worth waiting for. This is from ohBrox

Well yes, it's easy to see that everyone is in the Christmas spirit. Credit to junkj for the header image here.

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